CoursePress – Create and Sell Awesome Courses in WordPress for Free!

Have you ever thought about delivering online courses through WordPress? I know I have, a heap, and until now that’s been a hell of a difficult experience going through rubbish (and often expensive) plugins. But no longer…

CoursePress allows you to easily create, manage and sell beautiful courses from right in WordPress, and best of all it’s completely free – check it out:

coursepress_wpmudev (1)

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5 Free WordPress PayPal Plugins You Would Gladly Pay For

Some WordPress users require full-blown ecommerce solutions (like MarketPress); however, some don’t need quite that much. Still, they need a solution that will let them sell their products with confidence through PayPal and give them some payment processing options at the same time.

In this post, we’ll go over 5 PayPal plugin that let you do everything from add a shopping cart right to your site to simply take donations.


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How To Test WordPress Plugins With PayPal Sandbox

Virtually all WordPress plugins that collect payments, from e-commerce stores to fundraising, offer integration with a PayPal product.

Testing this integration prior to launch means setting up the PayPal Sandbox and this, like PayPal itself, can be a little confusing.

In this article, we’ll look at how to create a PayPal sandbox environment and where to find the data that the majority of PayPal supporting WordPress plugins ask for.

Image consisting of the WordPress and PayPal logos

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Add a PayPal “Buy Now” Button to WordPress

Adding a PayPal button to your site is one of the easiest (and fastest) ways to take payments or collect donations with your WordPress installation.

In today’s Daily Tip, we’ll show you how to quickly add a PayPal button to your site using the standard post/page editor.

To start, you’ll need a PayPal account. You’ve got one of those right? If not, head over to PayPal and get started – it’s free!

BuyNow Big PayPal

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Create, Manage, and Charge for Events with the Events + Plugin

Your organization puts on events and you need a way to create, manage, and display those events for maximum exposure. You need a place to collect RSVP’s, spread the word about your events through social networking channels, maybe even charge for those events and collect payments online – not just at the event. We’ll, we’ve got you covered – with the Events + plugin.

Calendar Icon

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Donate Extra: A PayPal Donations Plugin For WordPress

With the season of giving upon us, there will be a number of good causes out there that will need help accepting donations. PayPal is probably one of the easiest ways for an individual or organization to start receiving online donations, but not all WordPress PayPal plugins are created the same.

Donate Extra is a plugin that goes beyond just a simple donation button. It includes several advanced features such as the ability to accept recurring donations, anonymous donations, and integration with PayPal’s IPN.

The Donate Extra form can be placed on your donation page using a shortcode.


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The Big List Of Payment Gateways For The Global Merchant

When I was a kid, I ran a lemonade stand where I would sell lemonade for 50 cents.  Easy money.  Everyone likes lemonade and everyone likes kids.  But I remember distinctly running into my first business problem.  There was one guy who only had a twenty dollar bill.  I had $11.50  in takings and he would need $19.50 in change.  What to do?  Well, in that case, get my dad. In the big bad world of e-commerce, though,  taking payments is still one of the most aggravating of problems for the merchant.  There are a few excellent payment gateways that have come along and made it easier for people in the US to take payments like Stripe, Dwolla, and WePay.  What are the options for the non-US merchant, though?  What can they use to take payment?

Reduce Online Transaction Fees While Improving Service.

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Manage and Sell Tickets to Your Next Event with the Events Plugin for WordPress

For years, creating and managing live events was the work of a few savvy party planners; people who could make your event a very personal experience, yet also one that appealed to enough to achieve the intended goal – to create buzz, raise money or awareness, or just to have an old-fashioned blow out. There are so many details that go into planning an event few developers have successfully integrated that functionality with our online world. That is, until WPMUDEV brought us the Events+ plugin.
Events+ is Powerful Event and Booking System

events plus plugin from wpmu

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Dwolla Dwelivers Another New Payment Gateway

Pay-n Points
Cheap Rates.  Attractive Interface.  Easy to Install.  For a while now, anyone looking to open an e-commerce site has had to pick two out of those three when deciding what payment gateway to install on their site.  Recently, a new entry to the market, Stripe, has started to shake things up.  Affordable, graphically flexible, and clearly documented, it has also begun to be featured in WordPress plugins and included in shopping cart software.

A Payment Gateway And Processor That Works With Your Social Network

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Make Your WordPress Donations Plugins Pay – In Your Currency

Say you are an enterprising young developer and have created an awesome new plugin in your spare time.   In order to get as many users as possible, you are distributing your plugin on for free.  Still, you wouldn’t mind making a little bit of cash back.  Wouldn’t it be nice if some of your users could donate money to cover your expenses in running the plugin?

WordPress Developers Need Cash Flow Just Like Anyone

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