Why You Should Never Search For Free WordPress Themes

Update #1: I have written a post about where you can find free WordPress themes. So once you get to the end of this and are suitably concerned you can check it out for some great places to find your themes.

Update #2: This post was originally written in 2011 but has been resurfaced due to its relevance and popularity within the community. Free WordPress themes with malicious characeristics are still prevalent and should be looked for and avoided.


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Kill Passwords: How To Never Use a Password With WordPress Again

Are you tired of forgetting your password and sending reset emails? WordPress is everywhere and chances are that you have multiple sets of login credentials for your many WordPress sites. Keeping track of all of this login info can be maddening, especially if you’re a developer with hundreds of sites.

Imagine your life without passwords. Believe it or not, you don’t have to trade security for convenience.

Introducing LaunchKey: Your Ticket to Killing Passwords Forever


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7 Deadly Sins of WordPress Development

There’s a lot of freedom in WordPress development to extend the platform to just about anything you could imagine. However, when you develop for WordPress you have to make sure your theme or plugin can play nice with other WordPress extensions. Coding in a vacuum is inexcusable and can cause you or someone else a lot of trouble down the road. Here are some of the major things to look out for:

1. Loading your own copy of jQuery
C’mon man…Seriously? Loading your own copy of jQuery is a great way to just ruin everything.


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Don’t Fall Prey to Hackers With This Super Secure Tip

As the WordPress platform becomes more and more popular, it also becomes a more popular target for hackers, like the surge in attacks that took place just a month ago.

Of course there are a number of very basic things you can do to help protect yourself:

Always update to the latest version of WordPress
Keep your theme(s) updated
Keep your plugins updated
Don’t use “Admin” as your administrator login
Use strong passwords


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Security Alert for WordPress Users!

It seems there has been a recent surge in attacks on WordPress sites. The brute force attack takes the form of trying to break into your site by repeatedly attempting to log in to your Admin area with computer-generated credentials.

It is recommended that you make sure you have a very secure password. A secure password mixes things up by using letters, numbers, upper and lower case letters, and special characters such as &#)@!, etc. It is also recommend to NOT have a username of “admin.”

Photo: Other Danger Sign from BigStock


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WordPress Security: Tackling Backdoors, Pharma Hacks and Redirects

Every now and then, a story pops up about a WordPress website being compromised. The reasons for such security issues can be many — ranging from a flawed plugin to an outdated version of WordPress or a Pharma attack. All said and done, if you are running a WordPress website, it becomes your task to ensure that your site is in good health and safe from malicious hackers.

However, when it comes to security with WordPress, there are many steps that you need to take, and still many things that need to be kept in mind. In this article, I shall be taking a look at some common security issues, malware infections and security tools for WordPress users.  

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Apocalypse Meow Protects Your WordPress Site From Hackers

You escaped the end of the Mayan calendar and are no doubt looking forward to 2013. Your WordPress site, however, might not be so lucky. Doomsday could be right around the corner, lurking in the darkness of the internet, waiting to hack and exploit your /wp-admin area. Brute force login attempts and lousy passwords can make even the most sophisticated website susceptible to destruction. In an instant your site could be turned into a Canadian pharmacy or Russian dating site.


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Portable phpMyAdmin – Unsafe For WordPress Consumption

In June of 2011, my colleague Sarah Gooding wrote about a phpMyAdmin plugin that posed a HUGE security risk. Because of the security risk, this plugin was removed from the WordPress repository and it was recommended that everyone stop using it and remove it.

Now, there’s another dangerous plugin in the WordPress repository – Portable phpMyAdmin.

How Dangerous Is This Plugin?

PortablephpMyAdmin - Unfit For Wordpress Usage

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Stop WordPress Content Thieves From Stealing Your Content – And Your Bandwidth

I’m on a lot of marketing email lists, and I actually read a lot of emails. Recently, I received an email from a marketer and began reading the first line of the email. It read, “I didn’t sleep very well last night. No, it wasn’t because of a barking dog, a crying child, or my WordPress website had been hacked.”

WordPress Thief - Image, Content, Video, and Downloads

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