Increase Traffic With Better WordPress Post Excerpts

Do you add a hand-crafted excerpt for every post on your WordPress site? Are the excerpts even used by your WordPress theme?

No? Then you’re missing out because your post excerpt is the clincher for a reader clicking through to your post from your home page, a Facebook share or a Google search result.

In this Weekend Project, we’ll look at how to take control of your WordPress excerpts, how they are displayed, where they are displayed and how they are formatted.

Post excerpts are vital - don't hide them or leave them to automatic generation

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How To Make Twenty Fourteen (Or Any Other WP Theme!) Super

In a recent review of WordPress’ latest default theme, WPMU DEV’s Chris Knowles called Twenty Fourteen a “flawed beauty.”

In that article, Chris recommended a number of potential improvements, and together we’ve put together this ultimate guide to addressing those flaws.

And what’s more, these tips and techniques can be used in practically any WordPress theme.

So, break out the cape, fire up your favorite editor, and give Twenty Fourteen a superhero makeover.

Photo of Superman, Ironman, Wonder Woman and Captain America action figures

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Goodbye, Hello WPMU DEV’s Blog

Back in July 16th 2008 I acquired from early MU enthusiast Juan Manuel for, if I remember correctly, something like $2k.

And yesterday, December 4th 2013, over 5 years and almost 4,000 posts later, we finally parted ways with the much loved domain, and moved to the far less sexy URL of, retired the entire brand ‘’ and renamed this whole site ‘WPMU DEV’s Blog’.


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Tame the Tags and Keep Search Engines and Users Happy

SEO best practice is to let search engines index your site using either categories or tags but NOT both. For most sites that means tags, so management of tags is critical.

In WordPress tags, unlike categories, are an “all or nothing” proposition: if a user can assign tags then they can add tags. This is not conducive to good tag management and leads to tag pages with too few posts, posts appearing on too many tag pages and, well, just too many tags.

The word chaos graffitied onto a wall

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How to Measure and Improve the Readability of your WordPress Site

You spend plenty of time crafting your content so that it is easy for search engines to consume. But how much care do you take making sure that visitors can actually understand posts?

According to the US Dept of Health and Human Services, the average American reading level is 7th grade. Most newspapers are written to a 9th grade level (The Times of India is the most difficult at 15th grade level) whilst the novels of John Grisham and Stephen King are 7th grade level.

If you are looking engage a broad readership, you need to be writing like them.


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Boost Your WordPress SEO with Short URLs

Paying attention to your SEO can mean the difference between ranking high on Google or being exiled to the search engine wastelands (i.e. your website may as well not exist at all).

One of the easiest ways to improve your SEO is to think smarter before hitting “publish” on your posts. When the all-seeing Google indexes your website and decides which sites to prioritise over others, one of the factors it takes into consideration is your post’s URL, or permalink.

So it makes sense to summarize your content into an awesome URL. But how do you do that?

WordPress SEO

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