Making SlideShare Shine in WordPress

When you have a website, being social is kind of mandatory nowadays. Social media rules all and if you haven’t started tweeting, liking, and pinning yet, you’re well behind the curve.

An underutilized social resource is SlideShare, a site dedicated to allowing users to create compelling slideshows with just a few clicks that can then be shared across the Internet with ease. It’s a really useful tool, especially for those in industries who find themselves needing to explain complicated subjects over and over again.


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UX Hack: Making Long WordPress Posts Easier to Read & Scan

Overwhelmed by hordes pumping out low quality “content” day and night and Google’s ever more stringent rules for what makes it to the top of their search pages, many are starting to realize that producing quick, superficial, rehashed content is a massive waste of time.

In order to compete, in order to win, you need to produce something of substance, something of quality. That often means long posts and articles. Sometimes very long.

“Substance” and “quality” aren’t always defined by length, of course. There are plenty of exceptions there.

First there were content farms. Now we have endless long posts. The reader needs a break.

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Free WordPress Shortcode Plugins for Improving the Design of Your Posts

There’s been a veritable explosion of really good design-related shortcode plugins of late.

These plugins make it easy to spice up your Posts or Pages and give them very professional-looking elements such as columns, tabbed boxes, pricing tables, special headers, and much more.

Because of the improvement in these plugins of late, other plugins that haven’t evolved with the times have been left in the dust. Or even if they’ve added such things as the Bootstrap icon library (as some below have), they haven’t improved in other areas.


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10 Awesome Free WordPress Accordion Plugins

Looking for a nice accordion plugin? Below we’ve listed the top 10 free WordPress accordion plugins on the market today, giving a short overview of each and then rating each on ease of use and appearance.

Accordions are great for a number of different specific design challenges on a WordPress site.

Maybe you’d like to compress a lot of content into a small area. Or maybe you want to give the reader the option of seeing or not seeing certain content, such as movie spoilers or answers to quiz questions.

Accordion featured

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How To Get Your Photo Next To Your Post In Google Search Results

Google search results often now contain a small thumbnail image of the author next to a result.

Anything that draws the searcher’s eye to your link and gives your post more authenticity has got to be worth implementing.

In this Weekend WordPress Project we’ll take a look at how to get your face attached to your posts in the Google search results.

Composite image including a screengrab of a google search result with an author profile image

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How To Display Google Trends Graphs in WordPress

Google Trends is a very handy tool for finding out what people are searching for around the world. Enter any search term and you’re instantly presented with the data for how often it is searched for, relative to the total number of global searches. Generally, this service is most often used for comparing the volume of searches between two or more terms.

Charts displaying comparison data make excellent fuel for conversation. Since Google loves for you to embed their products everywhere, it’s actually quite easy for you to get this data and display it within WordPress posts and pages.


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Grab Your Readers and Make Them Pay Attention to Important Content

Do you have info your visitors REALLY should pay attention to? If so, then an alert box may be just the way to go.

Alert box plugins let you easily bring attention to content by putting it in a colored box. And on most sites, these boxes will stand out as long as you don’t overuse them.

Below we’ve collected five of the better free ones we could find. Each has different styles and different functionality, and so your own particular needs will dictate which ones might be right for you.


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DIY Truly Responsive Images on Your WordPress Website

Responsive Web Design is all the craze at the moment. Watching websites cascade into different layouts as you resize the browser can even be mesmerising.

But there’s one facet of RWD that still remains a (properly) unsolved problem. Responsive Images.

Download the source files (twentytwelve child theme).

If you simply use CSS’s max-width: 100%; attribute, mobile sites will still be downloading full size images. That’s an issue, because if your desktop site has images 920px wide, the mobile version will still be downloading this massive image, making loading time slow.

Enter Picturefill


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