Increase Traffic With Better WordPress Post Excerpts

Do you add a hand-crafted excerpt for every post on your WordPress site? Are the excerpts even used by your WordPress theme?

No? Then you’re missing out because your post excerpt is the clincher for a reader clicking through to your post from your home page, a Facebook share or a Google search result.

In this Weekend Project, we’ll look at how to take control of your WordPress excerpts, how they are displayed, where they are displayed and how they are formatted.

Post excerpts are vital - don't hide them or leave them to automatic generation

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How To Power Your WordPress Site With A Social Paywall

Yesterday, I looked at implementing a paywall on a WordPress site.

If you are just starting out or are using your WordPress site for reach then a monetary paywall will provide little benefit. A social paywall, though, might be just what you need.

In this article, I’ll look at how to implement a paywall where the currency is not cash, but Likes, Shares, Tweets and PlusOnes.

Social paywalls are a low-cost method for site owners to realise value from their content

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Take Control Of How Your Posts Look When Shared In Social Media

We all want to take advantage of social sharing to extend our reach.

But when someone shares a link to your site on Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn those sites pull in the title, a thumbnail and short excerpt. If you don’t tell those sites what those attributes are they’ll guess.

Remove the need for guesswork and control what gets shared by quickly and easily adding Open Graph tags to your posts. Here’s how.

Composite image of Open Graph Protocol log and og: tag

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Who’s Who of WordPress: 99 Twitter Accounts You Should Be Following

Edit: I’ve put together a public Twitter list that includes all 99 accounts.

If you’re not on Twitter it’s time to get with the program.

In 140-character bursts of information, Twitter provides quick headlines, links to stories and the wittiest zingers going around.

I’ve created a list of the top 99 English-language Twitter accounts I recommend following for all the latest news and views about WordPress and the people in every time zone working with our favorite 10-year-old.


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The WordPress Planet is Pants – and here’s how to improve it

Since back in the day I’ve had a keen interest in the WordPress Planet, sure sometimes it’s been a bit snarky, but at the end of the day I am genuinely interested in good WP news coming through the pipes into my various dashboards.

And of course, from a business perspective I could hardly be more interested… man I’d love to have in there, since the early days it’s been the holy grail of ‘writing about WordPress’ publishing.


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The Best Social Integration Plugins For WordPress Reviewed

There are over 350 WordPress plugins tagged “Share” in the WordPress plugin directory. But most of them, let’s be honest, fall short, with the exception of a handful of excellent winners.

I’d say there are three facets to social integration: Engagement, Self Promotion, and Viral Value. Whilst you can force none of these, there are definitely great tools out there to make it as easy as possible for you and your readers to make noise about your site on social networks.

Without further ado, I present to you the mighty five of WordPress social integration.


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Create One Page On Your Website With All Your Social Media Streams

In the years I’ve been working with WordPress and Social Media, I’ve seen applications come and go for managing all your Social Media streams from a single dashboard. Some of these have been pretty decent applications, but I’ve not seen too many of them survive. But, so far, I’ve not seen a system that curates all your Social Media streams into a single application for the world to see. Also, I’ve not seen anything that will bring this into your WordPress website in a presentable manner.

Until RebelMouse

What Is RebelMouse
In the words of the developers themselves:

WordPress RebelMouse Plugin

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Share Your WordPress Posts And Keep The Profits

For bloggers, social sharing of your posts is almost always a good thing.  A social share of your site brings in visitors who see the link, improves the Google juice of your website, and can expose your website to new audiences who might not visit it otherwise.

All of which are to the good.  But for the blogger who is trying to generate enough revenue from their website to cover expenses (whatever those might be), high volumes of traffic and social engagement are only half the battle.  You also need revenue in the form of ad clicks.

Social Sharing WordPress Plugins That Also Display Advertisements.

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