How To Start Building An Email List For Your WordPress Blog With AWeber

In my last article, I pitted AWeber and MailChimp against each other in a fight to the death. It actually wasn’t anywhere near as exciting as it sounds, and no one was actually killed. But AWeber did walk away triumphant, whilst MailChimp was left nursing a bloody nose. There was also a whole load of useful debate in the comments section too, so be sure to check that out for some alternative views on the two services. Thank you to everyone who contributed!


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5 Free Essential Plugins For Your First WordPress Blog

It can be rather overwhelming when you are first introduced to WordPress. Although the user interface is highly intuitive, the sheer power of the system and number of options is enough to initially confuse even the savviest of bloggers. Beyond the user’s initial experience with the user interface, the first potential stumbling block is plugins.

5 Free Essential Plugins For Your WordPress Blog

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You think spam blogs (splogs) are written by machines? They’re not – it’s mostly real folk!

One of the ‘benefits’ of running a massive blog hosting site like Edublogs is that you get a lot of day to day content with sploggers – general no good scumballs who use up your resources, waste your time and try to pollute your site.

In fact I’ve been dealing with the swine since the inception of what was WordPress MU, so I know a thing or two about their ways.


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Kill BuddyPress Registration Spam with BuddyPress reCAPTCHA

If you run a BuddyPress-based social network, then you know that how much spam you can receive without any measure in place to block the bots. The new BuddyPress reCAPTCHA plugin makes use of the Google reCAPTCHA Service on the BuddyPress registration page, which is located at: located in ‘/wp-content/themes/{name}/registration/register.php’.

This plugin isn’t exactly plug and play yet. You’ll need to edit the ‘bp-recaptcha.php’ file to create your settings. Download BuddyPress reCAPTCHA for free and follow the plugin’s instructions for adding your reCAPTCHA Api keys. You’ll be blocking registration spammers in a matter of minutes.


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Coming Soon: BuddyPress Activity Stream Spam Control with Akismet

BP Labs is a cool new plugin written by core developer Paul Gibbs for the purpose of testing out some new BuddyPress experiments. Paul recently announced BP Labs 1.2-beta-1 which begins testing for Akismet integration for the BuddyPress activity stream.

The BP Labs 1.2-beta-1 includes:

Added caching to @mentions autosuggest; it speeds up multiple requests for the same query
Added Activity Stream Spam experiment


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Add a Honeypot to Contact Form 7 to Prevent Spam

If you’re a fan of the popular Contact Form 7 plugin but don’t like using ugly CAPTCHAs, you may want to consider adding the new Honeypot for Contact Form 7 plugin. It introduces an additional field in the form that, when filled out. will cause the form not to validate.

The idea of a Honeypot is that it provides an irresistable trap for the bots. Bots are stupid and they will attempt to fill in all of the form fields with their junk. The Honeypot for Contact Form 7 plugin catches them red-handed.


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Anti-Splog Now Available for Free Download in the WordPress Repository

Anti-Splog is the unrivaled plugin and service to stop and kill splogs in WordPress Multisite and BuddyPress. It goes far beyond any existing splog plugin for Multisite with its intelligent splog signup prevention and post-signup monitoring.

The big news today is that we’ve released Anti-Splog to the WordPress plugin repository so that more people can take advantage of its many layers of protection.

Here’s a quick visual introduction to how Anti-Splog works on your network:


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