15 Stunning WordPress Sites From The Pacific Northwest

Open source software is alive and well in the Pacific Northwest! I recently traveled through Oregon and Washington to attend WordCamp and BuddyCamp in Vancouver, BC. When traveling, I often get to see a lot of websites in the search for local things to do and see. I was happy to discover that many northwestern businesses are creating unique and awesome websites with WordPress. These beautiful sites showcase the flexibility of the WordPress platform for the tourism and hospitality industries.
Laughing Planet Cafe

Travel Oregon

Mississippi Studios

Seattle By Foot

Zoka Coffee

Matchstick Coffee Roasters

Discover Newport

Fort George Brewery

Granville Island Brewing

Downtown Portland

King Estate

Oregon Certified Sustainable Wine

Ride Oregon


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21 of the Coolest WordPress Sites You’ve Ever Seen

A few weeks ago Matt Mullenweg put out a call on his blog for the Coolest WP Site You’ve Seen, in order to collect some sites for his 2012 State of the Word Presentation. Readers left dozens of comments listing the most impressive WordPress sites they had come across. I couldn’t help but check them all out and wanted to share with our readers the most dazzling sites among those listed. Grab a cup of coffee (or tea) and prepare to be inspired by all that’s possible with WordPress!


Charity: Water

Slipstream Sports

No 10: British Prime Minister’s Office


Adham Dannaway

Craft Recipes


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What’s In The Showcase: 20 Sites You Just HAVE To See!

The WordPress Showcase is a great place for getting to know who’s using the platform, how they’ve used it and to be inspired. Not too mention finding sites you never thought existed!

Here’s a list of 20 sites on the WordPress Showcase that you have to checkout, simply because they are awesome.

20. FatSmack.org

Fat Smack is a simple, CMS-style website that features a jQuery slider and integrated media, making it a hub for the Boston Public Health Commission’s campaign.

19. JamesCarterLive.com


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Top 25 Beautiful Food Blogs Using WordPress

Whether you celebrate a gourmet palate, rejoice over crafting beautiful dishes, consider yourself king of the grill, queen of the casserole or duke of the dutch oven, WordPress is definitely the solution for building a beautiful, customized food blog. Even if you simply enjoy judging the culinary concoctions of others or just love taking pictures of whatever crosses your plate, WordPress has become a favorite tray for serving every type of gastronomic enjoyment. So put on your lobster bib, grab a glass of wine, sit back and feast your eyes on this delicious assortment of foody WordPress sites. Hopefully, you’ll gain some inspiration for cooking and baking, or perhaps even starting a food blog of your own. Bon appetite!


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Pretty Pretty WordPress Sites, Part 1: Top 20 Wedding Blogs

The wedding blog genre is a favorite among women worldwide and we’ve collected the absolute best from those that are running on WordPress. This is the first in a showcase series called “Pretty Pretty WordPress Sites”. Make sure you’ve got that Pinterest bookmarklet handy, because you’re going to need it! I hope you find some inspiration and perhaps some design ideas for your own blog. These sites are beautifully designed and stand apart as exquisite examples of WordPress as a blogging platform. Be ready to spend a couple hours getting lost in photos and start bookmarking your favorites.

Green Wedding Shoes


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15 News and Political Blogs Built with WordPress

With the American Presidential election season heating up, candidate’s websites and other relevant news sites are becoming more and more important to the public. The 2008 election demonstrated just how powerful online presence can be to a candidacy, as Facebook and Twitter became major tools for driving information and getting out the vote. Today, more voters are getting their facts from the internet than ever before. Today we’re going to look at 15 WordPress sites from around the world that pertain to political news and campaigns. You’ll be able to see just what WordPress is capable of providing for a high-impact political blog, online magazine or campaign site. Enjoy!


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We’ve Got New Categories and RSS Feeds at WPMU.org

We decided to add in a few new categories to our main navigation to help our readers get around the site a little easier. Here’s a quick overview of the new additions:

Interviews: We’ve added this new category to make it easy for readers to browse our interviews with some of the top innovators and entrepreneurs in the WordPress community.

At wpmu.org we love to showcase excellent websites on the web that are powered by WordPress and BuddyPress. Check out this category if you’re in need of some quick inspiration!



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10 WordPress Plugins that will Actually Increase Your Productivity

I’ve been on a bit of a productivity kick recently, trying to get my life organized. I’ve been reading books like “Getting Things Done” and trying to sort myself out with Remember the Milk. Not got anywhere so far….. To celebrate my almost-productive-life I thought I’d take a look for some WordPress plugins that increase your productivity. I started where I always do with a showcase and looked to Google. I searched for “WordPress productivity plugins” and came up with lists that included Google Analytics and SEO Plugins. Wtf? How do they increase your productivity?

Eg Attachments showing files

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8 Free Twenty Eleven Child Themes

It’s been a few months now since Twenty Eleven launched with the release of WordPress 3.2. As child themes are all the rage these days, I thought I’d take a look around the net and see what free Twenty Eleven Child Themes are on offer. There’s surprisingly few! I had planned to write about 20 Twenty Eleven Child Themes, then dropped to 10 Twenty Eleven Child Themes, but I’ve only managed to find eight to share with you. Methinks I sense a gap in the market.
Demo | Download

Demo | Download

Demo | Download


Blue Splatter

Twenty Eleven with Sidebar in Posts

Demo | Download


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