Terms Of Use Plugin


I recently had a problem with some images uploaded to one of the blogs, I was able to remove the images before any harm was done.

This got me thinking about protecting myself, my blogs has a Terms of Use page and a Privacy Policy however users are not required to agree to them before posting. I decided I would implement some sort of system to amend this problem.


  • I am running a mature blog with over 200 users and 23 blogs already on the system so I needed some way of getting them to agree to my terms.
  • I didn’t want to slow the sign up process by adding another check box.


The WordPress Terms of Use plugin, yes I know there are many other options out there to do this however this plugin takes a slightly different approach. Instead of making the user agree to the Terms of Use when they join the site this plugin makes them agree to the terms and conditions the first time they login. The reason for doing this is that you can be installed WordPress Terms of Use plugin on a mature blog and existing members will be able to agree to the Terms of Use the next time they log in. In addition the new users are presented with a nice fully customizable welcome message after they agree to your Terms to help them get started using WordPress.


  • Works for both New Blogs and New users.
  • Customizable Open Source Terms of Use agreement.
  • Customizable Open Source Privacy Policy.
  • Customizable Welcome Message.
  • Can be integrated into a mature blog.
  • Support for both WordPress and WordPress MU.
  • No changes need to be made to the Sign up process.