The Best WordPress CMS Plugin yet?

So, there’s now a brand new CMS plugin at WPMU DEV which I reckon you’ll like and which pushes the boundaries of WordPress as a CMS to the next level.

And it’s even got a cool name… CustomPress!

Put simply, this plugin allows you to use the new custom post types feature in WordPress, to create a fully functional CMS.

Simply sort content into different categories such as:

  1. Movie Database
  2. Book Database
  3. Real Estate listings
  4. Design Galleries

And, even better, completely customize how these different content sites behave – check out the Genres, Authors, Featured Image, Year and Rating in the ‘Add New Book’ menu below:

How cool is that!

And last, but by no means least, we’ll also be building great new plugins using CustomPress as a basis… so you can look forward really, really soon to some serious CMS goodness from WPMU DEV.

Comments (3)

  1. From my experience, there’s a new plugin from Max Foundry for making landing pages on the fly:

    It is a decent compromise between a full-fledged CMS, allowing you to maintain your existing post and page structure yet offer highly customized landing pages which have been shown to convert better. You can also manipulate the different layouts/elements to perform A/B testing.

    Somewhat pricey but (I think) it could pay for itself in a few weeks.