The Key Points Educational Organizations Should Consider When Choosing A Blogging Platform

Thought some of you might be interested. We’ve just launched new blog over on Edublogs called The Campus.

Its focus of is on blogs in an educational organisational context and its aim is to help schools, colleges, districts and universities take an organizational approach to blogging.

Obviously we’re hoping that it’s going to be useful to any institution using blogs – whether they host their own WordpPress MU blogs, run all their blogs off Blogger or ePals or (shudder) even Sharepoint. And through my work with Edublogs I’m fortunate to interact with a diverse range of educational organizations globally and see how they use their blogs.

Besides mentioning The Campus, in case you want to subscribe, I thought you might like share your thoughts on Key Points To Consider When Choosing A Blogging Platform. Key points I’ve discussed are:

  1. Management
  2. Control
  3. Transferability
  4. Features
  5. Hosting
  6. Support
  7. Cost

What I’m wondering is have I missed any crucial point(s)? Are there any other key points that should be considered? Or should I have expanded on some of the points?


I’m also looking for examples of blogging sites used by educational organizations. Please leave a comment, with a link, if you are happy for me to showcase your site on The Campus.

PS You might like to check out The Campus custom theme!

I’ve written myself a reminder to never mention the words ‘funky theme’ + the colors of Edublogs Campus + similar look to The Edublogger to James Farmer. Definitely a ‘funky’ and imagine what might have happened if I’d also mentioned with a Chocolate feel 8-)

Comments (3)

  1. Hi Liane, yes quite a lot of Universities, colleges and schools are now using blogs are part of their courses instead of using Learning Management systems like Blackboard. This means often that the students reflect, discuss and interact with others globally, on aspects of their courses using their blogs.

    In terms of University information they are adding an email subscription to their main blog site so that those that prefer newsletters still get the information in their preferred format.

    As a blogger yourself I’m sure you can imagine the educational benefits of being able to use a blog for your course work.