The Rankings: 90 Most Popular Premium WordPress Theme Designers

Below is a list of ninety of the most popular premium WordPress theme shops. The rankings are based on their Alexa rankings (the lower the better). This may not be the best way to compile such a list; however, short of having access to each shop’s books and statistics, it seems to be one of the more objective ways.

With so many WordPress theme designers these days, I’m sure some that should have been included here were missed. And so if you don’t see a site that should be on the list, let us know in the comments.

* Note: Designers that sell through ThemeForest and the like were not included here. They are already conveniently organized at ThemeForest or other such sites.

1. Elegant Themes – 969

2. WooThemes – 1,212

3. Studio Press – 1,564

4. Rocket Theme – 1,786

5. Yoo Theme – 2,307

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6. DIY Themes – 2,659

7. Templatic – 2,733

8. WPMU Dev – 3,752

9. App Themes – 4,725

10. WPZoom – 4,836

11.  Mojo Themes – 5,039

12. PageLines – 5,225

13. Premium Press – 5,863

14. iThemes – 6,442

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15. Theme Junkie – 6,496

16. ThemeFuse – 7,221

17.  Headway Themes – 7,444

18. Gabfire Themes – 7,764

19. Solostream – 9,195

20. WPShower – 10,208

21. Graph Paper Press – 11,242

Graph Paper Press

22. Press75 – 11,558

23. Themify – 11,899

24. Organic Themes – 12,231

25. Ink Themes – 12,680

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26. Bavotasan – 13,247

27. Theme Hybrid – 14,645

28. Catalyst Themes – 14,995

29. Gorilla Themes – 15,414

30. Obox Design – 16,175

31. DailyWP – 17,560

32. Gantry Framework – 20,720

33. Tokokoo – 20,827

34.  Theme Trust – 21,464

35. Magazine3 – 22,422

36. Theme Foundry – 22,821

Theme Foundry

37. PriMO Themes – 23,452

38.  ThemeShift – 27,476

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39.  UpThemes – 32,084

40. Photocrati – 33,373

41.  CyberChimps – 34,566

42. Themes Kingdom – 38,653

43. ViVA Themes – 41,873

ViVA Themes

44. FlexiThemes – 42,408


45. NattyWP – 45,804

46. Dev4Press – 46,363

47. Panda Themes – 46,455

48. Pro Theme Design – 46,476

49.  Crowd Favorite – 49,767

50. Storefront Themes – 51,126

51. DevPress – 55,322

52. RichWP – 56,935

53.  WPNow – 56,957

54. WP Remix – 60,999

55. BuddyBoss – 65,069

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56. Der Prinz – 69,433

57. KreativeThemes – 74,335

58. ThemeWarrior – 78,093

59.  PressWork – 78,826

60. Standard Theme – 78,958

61. Press Junkie – 85,277

62. Chimera Themes – 89,209

63.  Aloha Themes – 90,969

64.  Organized Themes – 91,337

65. WPArcade – 92,213

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66. BuddyDress – 92,317


67.  Mint Themes – 98,312

68.  WP Ninja – 102,504

69.  Press Coders – 108,354

70.  WP Bundle – 110,915

71.   Xtreme Theme – 114,711

72.  Okay Themes – 118,116

73.  ComicPress – 122,691

74.  Acosmin – 123,301

75.  WPCharity – 136,427

76.  Antisocial Medialilc – 139,561

77.  Zidalgo – 242,433

78. Ashford – Turtle Interactive – 244,626

79.  Band Themer – 272,424

80.  Rockable Themes – 299,831

Rockable Themes

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81.  ThemeJam – 305,911

82.  Theme Weaver – 338,355

83.  Wobzy – 345,909

84.  Theme Wars – 389,687

85. RoloPress – 413,814

86.  Win with WP – 437,929

87.  WP Yuzu – 482,327

88.  ThemeBaker – 498,001

89.  Legend Themes – 532,630

90.  Neue Themes – 694,995

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51 Responses

      Joseph Foley

      Yours and lots of others, it seems.

    • Pro
    • 89
    • #1166

    Nice list but you missed a few, including mine!

    We are not the biggest but with Global Rank of 150,728 and US of 136,822, I make that 75-80 ish? I’m sure there are others who make it a round 100.

    We have also been featured a couple of times here on WPMU, so feeling all dejected not to have made your list :-( !!

    • Elite
    • 865
    • #91

    Great post!

    I can’t believe how fast this page loaded as lengthy as it was. =)

    I’ll have to check some of these out. I didn’t know about several of them.

    ~ Corey

    Total Bounty

    There doesn’t seem to be much distinction between actual designers, developers, marketplaces, etc. Maybe it should be called the 90 “most popular places to get a wordpress theme”.

    Jon Brown

    Very interesting… I’d LOVE to see this data plotted over the last 24 months though…. it’d be fascinating to see which were going up and down and when…

    Jon Brown

    Also… while I get the difficulty in compiling good statistics, I’m guessing you didn’t filter for “just” wordpress related links… meaning shops like RocketTheme gain a lot of perceived market share on this list from all the Joomla/Drupal stuff they do as well…

    Also I’m shocked by Elegant themes top ranking… pretty themes (I personally hate that ePanel crap though), just never thought they were that popular on the same scale as StudioPress & Woo.


      Yeah, I went ahead and included a few shops that obviously get a lot of their traffic from Joomla/Drupal. Most are purely WordPress, however. Also, while it’s interesting to see where each currently stands, I was hoping for the list to be a resource as much as a competition.

      I was also surprised to see Elegant come ahead of StudioPress & Woo. But I also remember the very first time I ever came across Elegant. I thought, “Wow! This is a deal!” … It looks as if I wasn’t the only one who thought that.


    Oh, this list is just what I need last week (struggling to search for the keyword Premium Themes”. Only found 1/3 of them through Google. Great list!

    • Pro
    • 101
    • #993

    Great list for sure..

    Where is ?


      Marcus – Designers that sell through ThemeForest weren’t included here. The idea was to get independent shops/designers that sell through their own sites. Places like ThemeForest already conveniently bring many designers together, so we know where to find them. Though it’s set up as a competition of sorts, the real value behind the list is that hopefully it will bring together some of the better designers in one place.

    Thomas Bale

    Looking to find a new Magazine style theme for my blog so I will work through the list, this might take a while.

    Kim Bookless

    Hi Joe,
    I wanted to read more about Headway’s ranking so I clicked on the Show More link, but it just took me to the top of this post. Is there a way to read more about some of the listings?


      Hi Kim – The images don’t go anywhere else, I’m afraid. The main links go to the designers’ sites, of course. If you wanted to look at more info on Alexa, you could simple go to and then type in the site name.


      Thanks, Dulce. I’ll get it into the revision.


    I would be VERY careful with this list. Let me make my point… Placed at number 1 due to Alexa ratings. I’m not sure exactly what Alexa ratings mean or how they are compiled but It surely doesn’t have ANYTHING to do with the quality of the site.

    Case in point:

    I recently registered and paid to join Elegant themes. They have some really pretty themes and all but…and a BIG but… The member forum is void ANY real help. When I say ‘void’ I mean ‘void’. I’ve had a couple of issues and there have been NO responses over the last 2 weeks. Oh, I’ve had 1 or 2 questions answered, but even the simplest questions such as, “Is it possible to have a blog type view in cat view and not have the blog on the frontpage”…this question has been looked at 4 times in 2 weeks and no answer.

    I clicked ‘unanswered posts’ and got over 175 posts in 7days.

    Be very cautious when looking at this list and take it for what it’s based on…Alexa…whatever that ‘really’ is. Popular means page visits. It doesn’t mean “popular because people like it and use it”.

    Unfortunately with Elegant Themes you can’t see the forum unless you join them. I think this is why I waited so long to join and I have to say I’m having buyers remorse.

      Nick Roach

      Sorry if you have had a bad experience in the forums. We do our best to answer all non-customization related questions. We get hundreds of new threads per day, so those 175 unanswered tickets were probably from the past 12 hours or so and will be answered within the next day. We have a no-questions-asked refund policy, so feel free to send me an email if you don’t think that ET is right for you.


        Email sent. I don’t want my money back. I like your themes. What I don’t like is the communication.

        Sorry, I don’t mean to hijack the post although this is the only place Nick seems to reply to. Sorry to say that Nick but this is the 3rd email and no reply.

    Martin Metzmacher

    Funny that I cannot find Themekraft on the list. Alexa Ranking is 45.612 – with 170.000+ downloads, we have one of the most downloaded BuddyPress themes. Custom Community Pro has been in the top 10 in the WP repository for quite some time.

    So please forgive me, but I do not think that this list actually paints a realistic picture. I would like to know more what the inclusion criteria were for the big sample. Also I agree that Alexa ranking DOES NOT equal popular.


      Will get Themekraft into the revised post. Thanks.


      Thanks, Diana. I’ll get it into the revision.



    As usual, excellent article that will be soon translated in french ;)
    May I reuse your picts or should I retake them ? :)



      Hi – Sure. You can use the images. We only ask that you link back to the original post (near the beginning of your article would be preferred, of course).


    Think you miss out (Alexa rank: 57,961), and AllureThemes :)


      Thanks, Affan. It looks as if something’s wrong with the site at the moment. But I’ll check back later.


      Thanks, Marios. Will get it in the revision.

    Some Yankee

    This is a huge list! Tons of great resources no doubt.

    Why did you post links 70 thru 90? Almost every site was a clone with a dupe link to the same e-junkie account. I even noticed a site selling the “Easy Blogger” plug-in! I know for a fact the first 30 links are reputable though.

    Thanks for the community share!


    I like all these list, but I really like a fast loading wp themes like I used in my blog Tretan./Net. Even thought it’s free, but someday I’ll buy a premium one…

      Joseph Foley

      OK, thanks George. I need to get around to updating this list. I’ll get you on it when I do.

    Stuart Wider

    Hi Joseph,
    Nice list
    Don’t forget ;)
    Alexa Traffic Rank 20,548

    With the responses here you should now be able to round this up to a top 100 ;)

    Your Fantasy

    Hi, thanks for sharing this listings.
    I bet there’s really a lot of good themes, I am someone new to WordPress so this list will be helpful for me.



    Nice,, perfect list just what i was looking for.

    Thanks alot for the share


    Thanks a lot for sharing so great list!!