The Ultimate Facebook Plugin Is Here! Auto-post, like and send buttons, images, and more

Today the team at WPMU DEV released the beta of what we believe to be the ultimate Facebook plugin!

You could combine a dozen existing plugins to get to a similar result, but with this one sleek and compact plugin, you can be assured of future upgrades and improvements as new features hit Facebook for years to come.

Here’s just a partial list of what it can do:

  • Facebook Connect to allow or force users to login with their Facebook accounts
  • Complete like and send button control with multiple looks and options for custom post types as well
  • Facebook Open Graph for improved control of thumails when visitors share on facebook
  • Auto-posting to Facebook profiles and fan pages made easy
  • Easy Facebook comments integration with your WordPress site
  • Widgets galore for fan pages, photo galleries, facebook events, and more
  • Fully WordPress, Multisite, and BuddyPress compatible

You can get the plugin now from WPMU DEV!

Try it out and let us know in the comments what you think!

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    Hi guys

    If you have a Facebook account which is a business account (and not a personal account which also manages ‘Pages’) then you can’t click the ‘Like’ button since you can’t even see it of course!

    So many businesses forget this on Facebook!

    Any other way to get the beta, I’m a WPMU Dev subscriber.



      I’m first name hell last name no on facebook and I’m a wan a b musician too do u operate ultimate facebook I need help. if not find me on facebook anyways…

    Ronnie Burt

    @ovidiu – Much of what you need to know is built in and we’re hoping it is pretty easy to use. Full documentation etc. is coming with the final release :)


    hmm… instructions are talking about a “connect tab” can’t find that one :-(

    Ronnie Burt

    @ovidiu – Looks like FB already made changes to their app creation page – we’ll get that fixed up.

    Everything you need is under the “Web Site” tab.


    Facebook got it’s own tab in admin. On my test site it appears on the bottom.


    Hi guys –

    Followed your links and downloaded plug-in but when I uploaded to WP had some trouble. Am running latest Wp and Thesis.

    Error message is about incompatible archive ?? Took a screenshot.



    I’ll give this a good test-run.

    I’ve been using various plugins for Facebook (seceral sseparateones to do what this plugin does in one place), so will be able to try everything out.

    Where the instructions state to use the ‘Connect’ Tab, this is actually the ‘Web Site’ tab.

    The main thing to keep in mind, is that if at first nothing is happening, or your admin is not accepting the information, don’t worry. It can take a little while for Facebook to get the info around the web and activated.


    The first problem I’m finding is that when I try to add a widget, it tells me I need to log in first, I click the link to log into Facebook and add my password, but no luck. I’ve tried a couple times.

    The problems is that I’m already logged into Facebook, as I’m andwering messages while I’m trying it out.


    I see where the problem may be. I just went back into my settings, and the api, application & secret codes have disappeared.

    Ronnie Burt

    Hi all! We appreciate all the feedback and are working on enhancements before the final release.

    If you can’t get past the “next step” button, for now try clicking on save at the very bottom first. It that isn’t working then it sounds like there might be something wrong with the facebook book app info you’ve entered.

    Keep ‘em coming!


    I never entered anything in the boxes thinking this is why I could not proceed just fyi and why I was waiting for answers to my above question but I think I already know my answer anyway. Saving is not doing it either.

    James Mills

    Great plug in! Been trying your contests, [promoting your products and hopefully I can get some money together to get a membership again your site. I wish that you could open your affiliate program.


    The plugin conflicts with Facebook Comments, saying: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class FacebookApiException in /public_html/wp-content/plugins/wpmu-dev-facebook/lib/external/facebook.php on line 107

    I really like the plugin but FB Comments is more usefull between the two. I really hope this gets resolved or comments gets integrated!

    Thanks guys for the great plugin!


    Honest opinion, no ill will at all …

    Am I missing the obvious. If someone as an individual has already ‘Liked’ the page for this beta – they can’t click again to get the revised beta release; or a business account holder (without a personal account) – they can’t see the Like button either.

    Catch 22?

    Maybe Facebook is NOT the best way to distribute software, let alone a Beta release?




    did you try what you suggested?
    I visited the page again and indeed I don’t see the like-us anymore, I am sent straight to the download.

    Then I click on Browse Facebook as page and still see the download… maybe I misunderstood you but it works for me :-)

    Ronnie Burt

    @Martin – It is set up so you can download as often as you like once you like us from our facebook page “free gift” tab, so with the exception of your business account others should be covered. We thought we would try something new and see how it goes. We appreciate the feedback! Honestly I never even know the business account (without a personal account attached) existed before :)


    Thanks for the excellent service Ronnie!

    Yes, when ‘you’ open a Facebook account ‘you’ can choose between business or personal account; strictly one or the other. A personal account holder can create and manage multiple ‘business pages’ but presently no way I know of to separate a business page from a personal account if the business is sold or the employee leaves! (Should it be necessary, there is a way to change a business account with one or more business pages into a personal account containing one or more business pages, preserving likes, fans etc.) So many businesses will come ‘unstuck’ if their page or pages (multiple brands etc) are managed by an employee’s personal account and the employee ‘moves on’.

    Have a great weekend.



    Hi Guys –

    Just tried downloading and installing the newer version.

    I’m running latest WP with Thesis and this is the result

    Incompatible Archive. PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature



    Just tried and having a hard time registering a site (on WPMS) using the Facebook plugin. It seems to only allow you to register for a user. Should someone be able to register for a site using Facebook?

    Dylan van der Heij

    Love the new plugin, finally a complete plugin! What I miss is the option to place the login button in a comment field so that users can leave a comment with their FB account..

    Dylan van der Heij

    Btw I suddenly received this error code when I logged in into my wp-admin enviroment Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class Facebook in /home/dylan/domains/ on line 115


    @Ovidiu The plugin’s own description says “Comments – Import comments made on Facebook about a post into your WordPress site”. Importing comments is not the same as using the FB commenting system for the blog itself. :)


    @Matt: further up this page I find:

    Easy Facebook comments integration with your WordPress site

    I guess that clarifies the issue? Give it a try though and see if its what you need…

    Race Media

    Having trouble to get it to auto post to anything other then (me). The input box won’t take the facebook page ID

    Also – need to integrate the “fan” box and “share” options to be truly ultimate I think.


    WOW! This is really exciting, I was waiting for that and I know this is the best plugin since you guys made it!! congrats!


    Thanks! Been meaning to test this…

    QA Notes:

    After entering all values for Facebook API, clicking next step simply reloads that section. Only using the Save Changes button at bottom allowed me to proceed.

    For “extended permissions” next step button worked fine.

    All other setting tabs seem to work fine, but my only goal for this plugin was to hopefully address an issue with manually adding Like/Send button which broke the dropdown menu (WMPU-DEV Nelo Custom Homepage Theme). After removing the hard-coded FB buttons, the problem persists.

    See for yourself by trying to use the “Blogs” menu here:

    Hover down that menu and notice how it breaks as soon as you reach the fb button! I wrote about a fix for this using the fb iframe button, but they have since discontinued support for send via iframe!

    Of course a solution may be to move the button to below the content (nice!) but we like it at top of our pages.

    Happy to test future revs.


    Is there anything I need to know in order to install this on a Thesis theme? Also there is no instructions in the zip?

    Pradeep Singh

    I don’t think this plugin works properly for buddypress. For Username/Name corefield which I mapped to First name in the settings, it always takes the format of user’s email while registering.(so Its makes the username as email address example – pradeepnepalibloggercom) It doesnt take the username properly and so looks so weird.
    Is there any possibility to fix this???


    Hi, i was wondering if you could describe in more depth Auto post. I have a facebook page where i constantly post quotes. I am looking for some kind of posting software or widget where i can collect hundreds of quotes and then have the software schedule posting several per day at specified times. Is this feature available in your product

      Ronnie Burt

      Hi Garrett, The auto-posting feature posts the title, a thumnail, and short excerpt of a WordPress post. You could schedule a post using the WordPress scheduling features that would then get autoposted at the time you choose. Thanks!


    Hi, can this plugin also auto post on visitor’s facebook profile the first time he/she login via facebook connect? If it can, it will go viral.

    Tom Borish

    I’m curious to know if you can solve our issue. We host tons of Blogs for real estate customers. We then take that Blog RSS feed and publish it on their Facebook Business Page accounts using RSS Grafiti. It does post to their wall, but there is a problem … fans who “like” their Facebook Business Page don’t see these posts in their news feed. Facebook seems to be marking them as spam. So my question is, does your software work in this case? Can people who “like” their Facebook Business Page accounts see their news feed on their wall? Thank you for your help and please let me know if you have any questions.

      Ronnie Burt

      Hi Tom,
      Because this plugin uses your own facebook application (not another like RSS Grafiti), we’ve found that posts do show up in the streams of people who “like” a page. Facebook is always changing their display algorithms, and it is best to not post too frequently – but this plugin should help!

        Tom Borish

        Thank you Ronnie! Just curious how much this plug-in costs? I couldn’t find a link/button on your site to purchase. We’re not interested in every plug-in, just this one.


    feature wish list..if not already provided. Rather than simply autopost to Facebook, twiter tc., can you make it drip feed posts, like 2 per day, every x hours, etc. so that you can prewrite comments for weeks or months that go out over time?

    likes on fb

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