Your Free WordPress Viral Plugin

We think you’re going to like this… a lot :)

How do you think the ultimate social viral marketing plugin would work… maybe something like this?

  1. You advertise a giveaway (like a free ebook, video, coupon, gift… or plugin)
  2. You require a visitor to click a ‘Like’ (or + or whatever) button to get it
  3. This then shares the post with all their connections, who also have to click ‘Like’ to get it
  4. Which shares it with their friends who then… etc.

Jolly good, because that’s exactly what the free plugin we’re using on this site does, and you can get your copy by just clicking below and Liking it:

Download the Ultimate Viral Marketing Plugin

Just click on a like button below and the ultimate viral marketing plugin will be yours, for free!

And of course, as it’s a WPMU DEV plugin it’s got all sorts of fancy stuff, like unlimited ads, via custom posts:

And useful settings:

And great config options:

And of course a lovely integrated embedded next to your regular media stuff:

The only thing we shoudl note at the moment is that it is very much beta – so there are plenty of improvements that can still be made, which is one of the reasons we’re giving it away free, so you can let us know in the comments how you;d like it to be improved!

So enjoy :) And let us know!

Feature image CC Mr D Logan

Comments (85)

    • Hi James, I’m not a developer and have never installed/used a plug-in. I have downloaded this one which I’m excited to use to have people download my white papers after they provide their contact info (vs. sending them an email from my email marketing service which adds a step).

      Can you point me to a step-by-step of how to activate and use your plug-in? I was hoping I could find the embed code for a widget but no luck yet.


  1. I’ve got some feature suggestions since it still beta…

    How about contests? I’d like to be able to hold contests and base the winner on the amount of times he shares this contest. I.e. he could get 1 chance to win for each of these actions: share on twitter, share on FB, email to 1 friend and if the plugin could track what those shares and email yield that would be great, i.e. if a friend he emailed likes it too, he’ll get another 1 chance to win…

    could this be doable and integrated into this plugin?

    • Thats my suggestion too. Instead of a download URL etc, just a ‘click to enter’ or ‘share to enter’ for entry into a contest where the prize isnt downloadable etc.

      I will be running a contest shortly where the winner gets a 1 hr Stretch Limo ride. To enter, all they have to do is become a facebook fan by hitting like, then liking the competition page, then perhaps comment on the competition page saying they have just entered, and then even perhaps use the FB SEND button to share the competition with their friends.

      While this is maybe a 4 step process, I am sure this plugin could accomodate just the ‘Contest’ feature perhaps revealing a hidden part of the page after the desired action is taken ie ‘liked’ or +1’etc or text area where we can include a personal message like ‘You are now entering into this contest’.

      Just a thought..


    • Perhaps also integration with cubepoints for free site membership.

      Or as part of MarketPress. A person that promotes a particular product the most gets that product for free.

  2. @Vince:

    the ideas I tried to present here are taken from the Punchtab plugin. Google it and have a look. Unfortunately, exactly these features I talked about here are quite hidden in that plugin, you must search their page for: Giveaway and figure out how it works. Its exactly what I tried describing here and it works, unfortunately, it adds other features I am not interested in…

  3. I’ve set this plugin up on both a multi-site ans stand alone site and can’t get it to work. I’m thinking it’s in the config but not sure. Honestly I’m not sure what to use as URL to share. I’ve tried several different ones. I’m able to share to facebook but the plugin doesn’t pick it up. What am I doing wrong.

    I’m using a zip file as the download URL.

    Could you give further explanation on the config of the plugin.

    Thank you!

    • Hi,
      Your “URL to share” can be any URL you wish your users to submit to social services – this is what they will be submitting when they click “like” or “+1″ or whatever. If you leave this field blank, it will default to the current page.
      A possible cause for the issue is that your page already includes javascript for one or more of your services (e.g. Facebook or Google+1). If this is the case, you can fix this by going to “Social Marketing Ads” > “Settings” and deselect javascript for services that are already present.

  4. I run a different download website that is based on “Pay with a Tweet” website for direct linking, but if the user don’t wanna do that, he can use a normal server (Megaupload, Fileserve and etc).

    The problem with “Pay with a Tweet” is they don’t offer +1 support, just Tweet and FB. I’m thinking about starting to use this plugin… but will it stay free forever or it will be paid later? Cause atm i have no way to pay for it, since i’m from Brazil.. 1 dolar = 2 reais… so if it was like, 30 dollars i would need 60 reais, and that is a lot here.

    So my question is: Will it stay free?

    • Hi,

      Thanks for the link. The “Like” button on the page shares the link with the trailing slash, while the one in the plugin apparently shares the same link without trailing slash. Just to verify, have you entered anything in the “URL to share” box, or are you using the default?

    • Hi,

      Not all Twitter/Facebook/G+1 buttons on this page will trigger this behavior. You’d have to use one of the social buttons get in the popup when you click the link that says “Download the Ultimate Viral Marketing Plugin”.

    • Hi,

      I’ve just tested this to see if I could spot an issue, and it worked for me in several different browsers. What browser have you been using? Also, have you perhaps been able to see any javascript errors?

    • its does work with download monitor. in the Dowload URL box you have to put the URL as: wp-content/plugins/download-monitor/download.php?id=50 meaning you take off your website url at the beginning. if you do that then it works great!

  5. James,

    I have tried the plugin both on Localhost and live site. I could able to add the button to a post. But to test, when I click on the button… nothing happens( I have configured other options correctly). I think I am missing something

    Can you please help me


    • Hi,

      By clicking the button, did you mean the button embedded in your posts, which should pop open a modal window with social sharing buttons? Or perhaps you meant that the popup opens, but the issue is with clicking the actual social sharing button within it? Either way, perhaps it’s a conflict with another script on your page. Could you please take a look at your javascript console if there are any javascript errors?

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  7. Please note: When you activate this plugin, the following notice is displayed in the admin and can’t be removed. It’s extremely annoying!

    “Please install the latest version of our free Update Notifications plugin which helps you stay up-to-date with the most stable, secure versions of WPMU DEV themes and plugins. More information”

  8. @Kristof – I’m not with WPMU nor do I have a vested interest in this, but why wouldn’t you simply install that free Update Notifications plugin? It lets you know whenever there’s an update for any WPMU plugin (inlcuding this one) and it makes the annoying message go away. ;)

  9. @Phil Every plugin uses resources and I shouldn’t be required to add another plugin to simply make a message go away. Notifications for plugin updates are already built into WordPress so no there’s no need to add yet another another plugin.

    I don’t have an issue with being notified, only that I should be able to disable the message. Many plugins include notifications about updates or other messages – they also include ability to close/disable the message. Or, they simply add the message to the their settings admin page. With this plugin, it feels like I’m being given a hard sell and have no other option. It’s either install another plugin or stop using this one. It’s an easy fix for them so I wouldn’t understand why they wouldn’t choose to make it.

  10. I am using the Social Marketing Plugin… First off, it’s amazing.

    However, when I view in my Android phone, the Social Box that pops up for the user to use one of the services to share (Such as FB)… The box does not fit the phone’s screen and cannot be used.

    I have been messing with the CSS files, but since I have very little experience with this, cannot get the box to adjust properly to the screen size….

    Are you able to help me modify this to fit Android phone devices?


    • Hi,

      There were some changes in WordPress 3.3 interface that prevented the media buttons insertion from working properly – you should be able to insert your ads into post by inserting the shortcode. We’re working on an official release with some new features and, of course, WordPress 3.3 issues resolved.

    • Hi,

      For the most basic ad, you may want to use something like this: [wdsm_ad id="YOUR_AD_ID"], where YOUR_AD_ID is the ID of your Social Marketing Ad custom post (a number, you can find this info out by hovering over the “Edit” link of your ad). I know, it’s not very friendly at all, and we’re working on a full release which will hopefully be out very soon.

  11. Hi Admin of this site,

    I’ve tested this download on the following browsers at their latest version at the time of this posting: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer.

    The download LINK only works on Internet Explorer. On Chrome and Firefox, only the download GRAPHIC is displayed, that is not click-able.

    Terence Chan

  12. I feel robbed! I downloaded the file and it didn’t work so I updated it. It updated it to a completely different plugin that shares posts to social media rather than “pay with a like” – such as the demo :'(

  13. Thank you for this plugin, simply great. But I have one issue.. Here’s no “Insert Social Ad” button in my post editing interface. I have wp 3.9.1. Am I doing something wrong?