This WordPress Plugin Lets You Control Ads and Combat Ad Blindness

Nearly everyone will have some type of advertising on their site – whether it’s Adsense, banner ads, or in-house ads that promote your own products or services.

If your site is like many sites, then people don’t visit you for your ads. They visit you for your content.

Instead of fighting this reality, you need to work with it. And one way to work with it is to deliver your advertising in a way that’s integrated into your content. In this way, your visitors are much more likely to be exposed to it.

One problem facing a WordPress users is that even if you’re fairly good at hacking into your theme files and placing your ad code in them, it gets more complicated if you’d like to do something dynamic like put ads after the first paragraph of each post or randomly insert ads in different positions to combat ad-blindness.

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A Solution

A solution to these more complex ad position strategies is the Quick Adsense plugin.

Although the plugin is called Quick “Adsense,” it allows you to insert most any type of ad code as well as text and HTML into your site wherever you’d like. Here’s a rundown of the options.

  • After any number of paragraphs (e.g. after Paragraph #1, after Paragraph #2)
  • After any number of images (e.g. after Image #1, after Image #2)
  • At the beginning of the post
  • In the middle of the post
  • At the end of the post
  • Right after the <!–more–> tag

In addition, you can manually insert your ads with shortcodes. The plugin also comes with a range of options as to what types of pages the ads should or shouldn’t show up on – homepage, posts, pages, category pages, etc.

There are ten different boxes to place code into for your posts as well as ten different boxes for code in your sidebar widgets.

The Plugin in Action

Below is a screen shot of an ad that was set to appear after the first paragraph.

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And here are a few looks at the settings page.

More Than an Advertising Plugin

Because the Quick Adsense plugin accepts text and HTML, it can of course be used for more than running traditional ads. You could use it to do such things as promote other portions of your site, invite visitors to register, display important announcements, go over important news, etc.

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