Welcome CollabPress: Project and Task Management for WordPress and WPMU

Check out the new kid on the block. WordPress now has a new plugin that adds Project and Task Management functionality to your site. Last week we did an in-depth interview with Kyle Jones, a librarian who is successfully using WordPress to revolutionize learning management systems. Get ready for what WordPress has to offer the world of project management. CollabPress allows WordPress users to easily create projects and tasks for each of their projects.


There are many benefits to combining WordPress with task management. Who wants dozens of accounts to sign into for social networking, blogging, project management, and collaboration? Now you can have them all within your WordPress site. This plugin also works with WordPress MU 2.9.1, in case you want to create your own network for project management with multiple sites for individuals.

Features of WordPress Task Management With CollabPress

  • Unlimited project and task creation
  • Email notifications when new tasks are created
  • Assign due dates to tasks
  • Uses built-in WordPress user accounts

How to Get Started With WordPress and CollabPress

  • Upload the CollabPress folder to the plugins directory in your WordPress or WPMU installation
  • Activate the plugin
  • Navigate to the CollabPress menu

After installing and activating, you’re ready to start creating new projects and assigning tasks using the CollabPress dashboard. You can assign tasks to any of your current WordPress users. Email notifications can be turned on or off, according to your preference for the project. As this plugin continues to develop, WordPress project management may become a viable alternative to some of the proprietary software options out there. I’d be excited to see someone fully integrate this with BuddyPress activity streams. This is definitely a plugin to keep your eye on in the near future.

Comments (11)

  1. I’m torn, Nathan.

    A side of me says that things like project collaboration are good to be tucked away behind the admin wall. But a site with a theme could be secured just as easily.

    Your idea gets into the “WordPress as Web App” arena. Maybe something a bit more complicated than folks really want to take it?

  2. I was recently doing a little research into various open-source social platforms (eg. buddypress, elgg), focusing on the potential to incorporate project collaboration functionality (specifically, to groups).

    I didn’t find anything of real promise, which surprised me, but collabpress sounds like it might grow into that space. There are some very good standalone project management tools around, but most are overly-complex for the social network meets project collaboration scenario (at least the one that I envisage).

    I will install buddypress & collabpress to give it a spin. Good work Kyle. :)

  3. Hi Kyle,
    Just what I’m looking for. It seems appropriate that a website should also act as the host for a project management tool. One stop shop for us, rather than logging in to numerous apps. I have just installed it and will get into the detail with my business partners and see how it rolls.
    Nice one