White Label WordPress: Ultimate Branding Gives You Complete Control

Ultimate Branding Plugin to White Label WordPressYou work hard to provide the best possible website for your client or community, so why should you have to sacrifice an ongoing branding opportunity by using the generic WordPress dashboard for custom projects?

This is why we’ve created a unique way for you to be able to continue to promote your brand throughout your client’s dashboard experience. Continuous branding reflects a lasting mark of excellence that can continue to sell your services and impact your sales long after the project is complete.

Just imagine your Multisite or BuddyPress installation reading “Powered by Your Brand” instead of “Powered by WordPress.” With the Ultimate Branding plugin, white labeling WordPress has never been so easy!

Awesome Features Include:

  • Hide dashboard widgets – No more WP in your dashboard
  • Change text dynamically – Automatically change “WordPress” to “Your Business”…Everywhere!
  • Change the login image – To “Your Brand” logo
  • Add your own custom links to the WordPress Admin bar – Easily onsert your own navigation
  • Change your site meta generator tags – Even the code won’t show
  • Custom Favicons – your own bookmark icons, made easy to update
  • Customize your own admin help – Help your users with your own material
  • Global footers taken care of – Easily to add with this plugin
  • Hide the WordPress Welcome – No more “Welcome to WP”

Ultimate Branding gives you even more options for completely white labeling WordPress by letting you use CSS to customize the Login and Admin experience as well as remove the permalinks menu if you choose. Controlling your branding experience has never been so simple.

Check out the Network Admin interface for enabling various modules:

Ultimate Branding Plugin Network Admin

Give your Multisite project the professionalism it deserves with a truly rebranded experience. With Ultimate Branding you can say goodbye to custom hacks and dozens of different plugins, because you get everything you need for white labeling in one package! And with WPMU DEV, you can always count on new releases, upgrades and guaranteed support. Download Ultimate Branding today to start taking advantage of this strong opportunity to brand yourself.

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    Andrea Sciamanna

    A very big disappointment for having excluded standard WordPress installations: they also often need branding (actually, in my case, most of the times).

    frankly I don’t get why you’ve took this decision: there’s no point at all, really.

      Ronnie Burt

      Hi Andrea,

      It does look like there was an error in the post with reference to WordPress, but if it helps, 90% of what this plugin accomplishes can also be done using individual plugins found on WPMU DEV. This plugin just brings it all into one place to make it easier on the Network Admin which it is designed for. Thanks!

        Andrea Sciamanna

        Hi Roonie.

        Yes I know that there are plugins that take care of each single feature of Ultimate Branding.
        But I’ve avoid them because I hade fragmentation.
        This plugin is such a good idea that, again, I don’t understand why standard WP has been excluded.

    Andrea Sciamanna

    And I’ve just noticed that this article even states “Give your *WordPress*, BuddyPress or Multisite project the professionalism it deserves…”.

    Well, did you even try to install this plugin in a standard WP installation?
    You get a “[Ultimate Branding] Plugin only works in Multisite.”


      I’d like to echo Andrea’s frustration. I wasn’t even aware this wasn’t available for regular WP until I saw her comment. This post doesn’t make that clear at all.

      Now that I know it’s only for MU, that’s really lame. As a paid Elite member, I’m getting pretty tired of seeing plugins at WPMU-DEV that don’t work for regular WP. I think you should make creating WP versions of your existing MU plugins a top priority, and make such versions a prerequisite for newly-developed plugins. (Certainly any plugins with “Ultimate” in their name. ;-))

      Obviously, if a plugin only makes sense for MU/BP, then a WP version isn’t necessary. But that only applies to one or two of your plugins AFAIK–and certainly not to this one.

      Also, FWIW, I don’t see “moving the newly-pushy WPMU-DEV Dashboard menu item down to a reasonable spot” among your whitelist options above. It probably should be…it’s hard to think of why it makes sense to jam your brand up our clients’ noses while we’re hiding WP’s.


          Nice – that was fast! :-) If you can update the rest of your WPMU-only plugins just as fast, the whole issue could be resolved by tomorrow. ;-)

          Andrea Sciamanna

          thank you Ronnie!

          Really, I’d like to see things like that happening more often :)

          BTW, I don’t see any update from WP or WPMU Dev Dashboard :(


    Oops, that was meant as reply to Andrea’s post. Not sure what happened there.

    And re-reading the post I see that the final paragraph does sort of imply that it’s only for Multi-site. (Especially if you’re from WPMU-DEV where that’s apparently the first assumption.) But the very first sentence–“You work hard to provide the best possible website for your client or community…” Yes, and when I build a website for a client, I use regular WordPress, because I’ve yet to have a client who has a use for WPMU.


    Hi and thanks for a great plugin. I’ve enforced SSL on Login for my site but the Images part of plugin does not allow me to select an https: location for the custom login image. This means I’m getting an Unsecure Content warning for login. Is there a way to change the image URL to https?

    thanks in advance

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