WordPress 3.2: Bring Back Your Network Admin Link With Our Free Plugin

Network Administrators are going to be a little bit sad when they realise that their Network Admin/Site Admin button has been tucked away inside a dropdown menu in WordPress 3.2. Check out the image on the right to see where it is.

There are a few reasons why this isn’t such a good thing:

  • The presence of the button on the dashboard tells you quickly which dashboard you are on;
  • Network Admins on large networks need to quickly move around and one unnecessary mouse click is one too many.

It’s a problem we knew we’d encounter over at Edublogs and we created a free plugin to solve it. Check it out:

Network and site admin links

If you’d rather have a big round button we’ve included that as well. Just add the following code to your wp-config.php file above the line /* That’s all, stop editing! Happy blogging. */

define ('NSB_SHOW_BUTTON', true);

network admin and site admin buttons

A definite improvement to the WordPress 3.2 navigation. Grab a copy of this free plugin from WordPress.org right now.

Comments (8)

  1. Oh, my time saver! Thank you for this plugin!

    I don’t get the point why the Network Admin/Site Admin link has been tucked away? This is one of the most important link for network administrators. It should be put back in the next version!

    I’ve made a simple modification in your plugin, to make it localized:

    $switch_text = __("Network Admin", 'nsb');
    $switch_text = __('Network Admin');

    $switch_text = __("Site Admin", 'nsb');
    $switch_text = __('Site Admin');

    Please make this change in the next version! Thanks!

  2. Thanks for this plugin! I just updated to 3.2 and spent quite a bit of time scratching my head and wondering WHERE the Network Admin link went. Real smart idea (NOT!!) by whomever decided to bury it! It really sucks when people don’t use common sense. But thanks, again, for this plugin; you saved me soo much time.