WordPress 3.2 is Here: Born on the 4th of July

WordPress 3.2, dubbed Gershwin, has arrived and is ready for download, coinciding with the American Independence Day. Nice little touch for GPL software, isn’t it? ;)

What’s New and Exciting in WordPress 3.2?

If you’ve been following WordPress 3.2 development, then you know it’s packed full of goodies. The major new features include:

  • Refreshed dashboard design
  • Fully HTML5 new Twenty Eleven theme with optional rotating header images
  • Distraction-free writing or zen mode
  • Retiring support for PHP4, older versions of MySQL, and legacy browsers like IE6
  • Performance updates to make WordPress significantly faster on all hosting platforms
  • More shortcuts to your most commonly-used actions in the admin bar
  • Comment moderation screen includes the new approve & reply feature to speed up conversation management

Here’s a quick video introduction to WordPress 3.2, courtesy WordPress.tv:

Fancy, isn’t it? I know you’re probably itching to upgrade at your earliest opportunity. I think I’m more excited about Twenty Eleven than I was for TwentyTen. However, if you’re running BuddyPress on your site, you’ll need to be aware of a few extra things.

WordPress 3.2 and BuddyPress 1.2.9: Upgrade Together

WARNING: If you’re using BuddyPress, it’s advised for you to update both WordPress and BuddyPress at the same time. You’ll experience a few funky jQuery issues if you don’t. They MUST be updated together. BuddyPress 1.2.9 dropped today to ensure full compatibility with WordPress 3.2

For a full list of everything that’s new, check out the codex page on WordPress 3.2.

Also, if you’re drinking and celebrating today, I don’t advise you to update until tomorrow. ;) You’ll want to make a decent backup of your WordPress site first and then continue on with the automatic or manual upgrade.

Enjoy WordPress 3.2 and Happy Independence Day!

Feature pic CC hto2008

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Comments (16)

  1. I know everyone wants IE6 to die, however what will happen if there is a huge security flaw in 3.1.4? Will they continue to upgrade 3.1.4 for IE6 users? We have a lot of government agencies that still use it (Don’t ask why) and we can’t upgrade WordPress because of the legacy support is gone for older browsers.

    Maybe someone will make a WordPress Legacy Project?

  2. I’ve noticed a huge speed increase on the sites we’ve upgraded so far, so I’m very happy about that! Finally getting rid of IE6 support, maybe this will kick it to the curb once & for all. Users definitely need to make sure they have the latest PHP and MySQL. And about that rotating feature box… nice to see that in the basic theme — remember when this used to be a “premium-only” feature? Lol WordPress is growin’ up. :))

  3. Looks neater to me – easier to read. Look forward to using it. I read the comment about buddypress after upgrading but I didn’t get an upgrade notice for buddypress. Will watch out for anything ‘unusual’

  4. From a design perspective the new dashboard (especially the menu system) is not good. It looks like it’s about 5-10 years out of date.

    What sets wordpress apart from other CMS systems is the admin/design/developer user experience. Why make this look so…. well…naff

    It’s slightly embarrassing.

  5. I tested this 3.2 upgrade on several blogs fine, all good, as no extra plugins.

    But upgraded another WP site and it has a conflict with the membership lite plugin :(
    *Fatal error*: Call to undefined method WP_User::WP_User() in */home/XXX/XXX/XXX.com/public_html/treatment/wp-content/plugins/membership/membershipincludes/classes/class.membership.php * on line *23*

    I first checked before upgrading and the WPMU DEV newsletter and website both said it works perfectly with 3.2.
    The newsletter said “we’ve double and tripple checked all the ones at WPMU DEV and know those are good to go”

    If I activate it, the site breaks, gets a Fatal error, so have it disabled at the moment so site viewable.
    I have tried manually uploading via ftp both the WP files and the plugin files to see if something was corrupt using the auto-upgrade but neither of these corrected the error.

    Any advice would be great, is there a newer version I’m missing? I’m running Version 2.0.4
    This page doesn’t say what the lastest version is so not sure:

    Thanks heaps for your time :)

  6. Hi Ian,

    Looks like Membership Lite needs an update to coincide with the recent Premium update. We’ll notify the developers on that.

    If you need that to work right away, you can make the following edits to 2 of the plugin files to get it working with 3.2.

    On line 33 of /membershipincludes/classes/class.ping.php, add the following line:
    ‘%userid%’ => ”,

    And in /membershipincludes/classes/class.membership.php on line 23, you’ll see the following:
    parent::WP_User( $id, $name );

    You can change that to:
    parent::__construct( $id, $name );

    If you’ll post any further questions on that to the public forums, we’ll be happy to take a look with you on that.

  7. Most of my plugins are not said to be compatible with the new WordPress 3.2. I have tried the upgrade and they seem to work well, but couldn´t they provide false data to Google analytics for example? I have the latest Google analytics plugin installed, but it doesn´t explicitly support WordPress 3.2.