WordPress 3.5 Elvin Is Ready For Download

It’s a happy day in the world of WordPress. The 3.5 “Elvin” release is now ready for download. Yes, that’s right, the 3.5 release has been dubbed “Elvin” – not as in elves but rather named for jazz drummer Elvin Jones. Curious about what’s new? Here’s a quick summary:

WordPress Media Completely Re-Envisioned

This release includes massive changes to the WordPress media library. You’re simply going to love how easy it is to add new media to WordPress. It provides a totally new experience for uploading photos and creating galleries.

New Twenty Twelve Default Theme

The new Twenty Twelve theme is the best default theme yet! It’s fully responsive and makes use of the beautiful “Open Sans” Font. It also includes a Front Page Template, support for all kinds of post formats and a No-sidebar Layout.

Lots of Extras for Developers

WordPress 3.5 includes a ton of improvements for developers. Here’s a short summary of all the most exciting additions:

  • New Tumblr Importer
  • Links manager removed from new installs
  • Multisite switch_to_blog() is now faster and more reliable
  • You can now install Multisite in a sub-directory.
  • New external libraries: Underscore, Backbone JS libraries
  • WP_Comment_Query and WP_User_Query classes now support meta queries just like WP_Query.
  • Post objects are now instances of a WP_Post class
  • WP_Image_Editor class abstracts image editing functionality such as cropping and scaling, and uses ImageMagick when available.

View the WordPress 3.5 introduction video to get a quick preview of what you have to look forward to when you upgrade:

Of course, if you’re a WPMU DEV customer, then you can rest assured that all of our plugins and themes are already fully compatible with WordPress 3.5 so there’s nothing to worry about when upgrading your installs. With our new release compatibility guarantee you’ll always be able to upgrade to the latest version of WordPress and will never be stuck with old plugins.

I know you’re all dying to drop what you’re doing, call this day a wash, and go play with 3.5. So, put your elf shoes on, crank up some Elvin Jones jazz music, and start upgrading your sites to WordPress 3.5!


Comments (27)

  1. Can the new 3.5 version import images from ipad photo / cameraroll ? …. i mean can wordpress via browser get access to add images to posts from ipads cameraroll?

  2. Looks great, and good to know it is finally out, but based upon past history I will leave the “early adopters” to sort of the bugs. Generally, I wait until at least the first update to start migrating my own sites and clients sites over. Plus that gives extra time for other plug-in developers to get things updated because not everyone is on the ball as the good folks here at WPMU. Happy Holidays.

  3. its buggy as hell for me the widget page wont let me open the widget drop downs at all

    the mufti file uploader does nothing when i click the select files button

    the admin sidebar don’t have the slide out menus

    the update page wont let me select all themes or plugins

    is it just me or is it really buggy

  4. My membership premium plugin is acting up now. its some how affecting the way my categories and widgets display on my front page. I have several widgets that are meant to display posts from several categories but now they all show the same category for users not logged into worpress.

  5. Maybe I’m just being dense, but it seems like the new Media manager is a step backwards. I used to be able to upload an image, set it as ‘featured,’ then insert the image in to the post.

    Now, it seems setting the featured image and inserting into post happen on two different screens which kind of hurts my work flow. Am I missing something here?

  6. awesome post as always sarah!

    However, I just updated and wondering if anyone else has experienced the same issues as me –

    The update says successful
    the version number changes to 3.5 but…

    no twenty twelve theme showing and no new features added. Media library looks same and the only think i can see that has changed is the text ” version 3.5 ” at bottom of dashboard?

    thanks for this post and i look forward to using 3.5

    • Thanks! I had a similar problem with no Twenty Twelve theme showing. I just had to manually download it from the WP theme directory and upload it to my themes folder. Not sure why the files weren’t included in the upgrade on my dev site. But it was fairly easy to fix.