5 Free Amazon Plugins To Ring In Some Cash

It’s only natural that the world’s biggest online store has the world’s biggest affiliate program. And if you’re not trying to cash in on it, well now’s a good time to start as any!

Here to help you get started are 5 free plugins for Amazon associates.

Amazon Link

Provides options to insert Amazon product links in your site’s Pages, Posts and Widgets and Templates. The plugin adds a helper tool to the Post and Page administrative pages of your WordPress site that can be used to generate shortcodes easily and quickly.

WordPress Amazon Links Plugin

With features like a search tool to assist authors to create links in posts and pages, simple [amazon] shortcode used to generate product links, localisation of all links based on the nationality of the reader, Amazon Product Details Cache to ensure pages load quickly and more! The plugin is designed to help you add simple text links, thumbnail images, fullsize images, complex templates or full-blown Amazon flash widgets.

Download on WordPress.org

Amazon Tools

Using Amazon Tools you can quickly and easily retrieve product data from Amazon.com and display it on your blog. You can use this plugin to do something as simple as building an ad unit that will display products of your choice, or use your blog to review products.

They also have a premium version available with features like auto-linking and click tracking.

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WordPress Amazon Associate

The Plugin features tinyMCE editor support for searching and inserting of products and/or images into your Posts and pages. The plugin also supports inserting Amazon Widgets through shortcodes, PHP code and other methods.

Supported Amazon Widgets include the Carousel, MP3 Clips, My Favorites, Omakase, Product Cloud and Search widgets.

Download on WordPress.org

Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer

Developed by Pete Williams who describes the plugin in his own words:

This plugin not only automatically changes any Amazon link on your site to use your affiliate ID, but it also changes the link to point to the user’s local Amazon store.

So if your visitor is visiting from the UK they’ll get a link to Amazon.co.uk, if they’re visiting from the US they’ll get a link to the same product on Amazon.com.

Download on WordPress.org

Amazon Product in a Post Plugin

Amazon Product in a Post Plugin

Another plugin that helps you place products in a post via Amazon and uses the newly revised (and re-named) Amazon Product Advertising API. You can easily add the product to the TOP of the post content, the BOTTOM of the post content, or make the post content become part of the product layout.

Download on WordPress.org

Even though some of the plugins look like they do the same thing, they all do have their own little quirks and special features that set them apart. Take the time to test them all out and see which is the best fit for your website or blog.

Have you ever promoted Amazon via its Associates program? Tell us what other plugins you use and what benefits you’ve got through them?

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Comments (5)

  1. Well, I think this Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer plugin is awesome! I have used it before and made a few bucks, lol! What I like the most is, it automatically adds my affiliation ID to any Amazon link! Great post man!

  2. hello dear WordPress-experts,

    well new to WordPress so do not bear with me if i ask dump questions:
    currenty want to test some amazon-plugins: so i do not have much experience with them…

    aimed is to fetch information form amazon and to include this information in to the article or a widget:

    question: does anybody have some experience – and has tested some of the following; i think that we can inlcude the book-information: Below i list some of the information i have got. see the different plugins with the shortcodes. Do you have more information – or do you have a comprehensive list of “how-they-work”. that would be great”!

    [AMAZONPRODUCTS asin=”B00A46N0NE”]
    [AMAZONPRODUCTS asin=”B00A46N0NE”]


    Shortcode: The main arguments available when creating a shortcode are listed below, enter each argument separated by a ‘&’.
    It is also possible to override settings on the global options page, or elements used in the product templates:
    Shortcode: [amazon asin=&text=]
    asin: The unique Amazon product ID or IDs, of the form ’1405235675,1234567890. Enter as ‘asin=1405235675,1234567890.
    It is also possible to specify different ASINs per local using the form ‘asin[us]=1405235675,1234567890&asin[uk]=1840347839,0123456789′.
    template Which template to populate and display with product data, must be one of the templates listed on the Amazon Link > Templates Settings page.





    [scrapeazon asin=”3843604827″]

    Do you have some (more) overview and comprehensive list of how to use the amazon-plugins!?

    love to hear from you