You’re Gonna Love Our New Appointments + Plugin

Over half a year in development, it’s the WPMU DEV Appointments + Plugin!

Check it out:

So, who is Appointments + for?

Well, anyone who wants to take bookings for appointments, via an easy to use calendar, as part of their business such as:

  • Hairdressers – you can specify different services (coloring etc.) and service providers (Jo, Sarah etc.)
  • Gyms – Book, and even pay for, different persona trainers and training sessions
  • Chiropractors - Choose your favourite chiro and a time that suits the client
  • Tuition - Pick a subject, pick a teacher pick a time
  • Counsellors – Doesn’t need to be commercial, make an appointment to see a counsellor through a community organisation
  • And many, many, many more contexts…

Basically, this plugin allows you to create a complete, fully featured appointments system through any WordPress site… oh, and of course it works with Multisite and BuddyPress too.

Go download Appointments + today – or install it in seconds via your WPMU DEV Dashboard.

Here’s a quick rundown of what the plugin is capable of doing:

  • Simply allow customers the option to book their own appointments online
  • Schedule appointments with clients yourself
  • Enjoy a built-in CRM for managing customer contact information (it’s too easy)
  • Collect payments or deposits using PayPal
  • Manage your entire team by creating unlimited service providers and unlimited services
  • Send confirmation and reminder emails to increase customer attendance rates (seriously useful)
  • Allow you and your clients to book appointments up to one year out
  • And last, but far from least, manage all appointments right from Google calendar – complete Google calendar sync

Booking an appointment only takes three clicks:

Simple appointments booking
Easily add new appointments to your calendar in just three clicks.

You can use PayPal to collect payments and deposits right out of the box with Appointments +.

You can even integrate it with our WordPress Membership plugin to offer discounts and payment vouchers to existing members of your site.

Setup customizable profiles for each of your team members and Appointments + will automatically display their available time slots:

Appointments service provider times
Display a bio for each of your service providers to let customers know about their experience.

Clients can click any service your company offers and Appointments + will display all your available team members for that service.

Admins and clients can save any appointment directly to their Google Calendar….with NO API coding required! Just click a button and the appointment shows up on your Google calendar:

Appointments Google calendar
Link your Google Calendar account and make edits that are pushed back to the plugin.

PLUS, you get more than 30 more custom appointment features that rival the most sophisticated (and much more expensive!) booking platforms, including:

  • Create unlimited services
  • Create unlimited service provider profiles
  • Create “black out” dates and times
  • Edit schedules from front or back-end of WordPress
  • 100% compatible with BuddyPress
  • Pro-rate appointments that run long
  • Short codes for inserting into posts/pages
  • Display daily, weekly, or monthly schedules
  • Book appointments up to one year out
  • Gravatar support for personalizing provider profiles
  • Custom Color labels for appointments
  • Form autofill for repeat clients
  • Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or WordPress login
  • Integrates with WPMU DEV Membership plugin
  • Ability to offer discounts to existing members
  • Send clients appointment reminders
  • Full client CRM
  • Save client emails into CRM
  • Take phone appointments manually
  • Ability to remove unpaid appointments
  • Multiple Widgets included
  • Full user’s manual
  • Custom filter and action hooks

Simply put, Appointments + is the only tool you’ll ever need for managing your client appointments and for organizing your business online!

Download. Love our plugins? Check out this list of the top WordPress plugins.

Comments (79)

    • Hi Nathan,

      We’re working on a nice live demo, but for the meantime hoping the video and documentation – check out the usage tab here too – give a pretty good overview.

      It’s kinda unusual for us as we’ve really rammed this with features from the first release (usually we build up over time) so I’m hopeful that it’ll nail a lot of different contexts.

      And if it doesn’t, well, we take feature requests from our members every day and build them in!!!

  1. Looks interesting but why don’t you do a real video that explains it rather than these stupid ones with just some horrible music sorry after 30 seconds it turned me off didn’t watch the rest. When you are ready to explain the plugin better and show how it works properly then let me know

    • Uh… yeah. Rather than griping like a foolish old man about the video, READ the article. As well as a bundle of feature related info there are also links to the DEMO. Lazy troll…

    • Wow Les. I for one can easily get lost on content with bad presentation, but WPMU’s new design interface (website, WP dashboard) are stunning, easy to pick through and, for the most part, dissect usability/viability pretty well.

      I’m stunned you’d rip apart their video when it is highly likely, rather than drag this project release by preparing an extensive video, they dropped this very needed plugin into our laps without delay. I love being part of a community that drops useful plugins from developers to end-users faster than we can find ways to use them.

  2. Could this be used for bookings/rentals? Or is a version, geared towards that, in the pipeline?

    That would be a real WOW! – there are so many appointment plugins and services but, for some reason, no-one seems to notice the huge demand for something that will allow people to rent things out (whether that is a room, a hall, an apartment or an Xbox) on a daily basis.

    Most of the plugins that claim to offer booking/rentals either have serious problems or are missing vital features – to be useful, a booking/rentals plugin must allow you to set a different price and a different Minimum Stay length per day. For instance, most vacation rental owners don’t want to bother with anything less than a 2-day booking during the week or less than a 3-day booking if it overlaps with the weekend. Most also want a 5-day minimum during certain holiday seasons. Other rentals are available on a strictly weekly basis throughout the year. It is not just properties, you might not want to bother renting out your Xbox / lawn-mower / bicycle for less that a set amount of days.

    It would also be ideal if the booking calendar for a particular item was associated with a particular post and the availability calendar could be edited from that post’s edit page. That way, different owners could use the same site, each having access only to their own properties/items.

    This Appointments+ plugin seems to come closer than anything else I have seen, a Booking/Rentals version would have a much bigger market to itself.

    Is WPMU working on anything like that?

    • +1 Ning. My interest in this plugin is high for managing individual rental properties. LOVE Ning’s idea for a post connection allowing for a dynamic community rental site.

      • Thank you, James, for answering my question and I am very happy to hear that you are working on a booking plugin, I am sure it will be one of your most popular creations.

        I actually thought that I was already a member, I jumped onboard during the appsumo promotion, but I just discovered that it lapsed almost a month ago and I missed the deadline to remain a member – I wasn’t using my account enough or paying enough attention to all my WPMU emails! I am so disappointed. Please run another promotion at some point in the future that will allow ordinary, non-pro people like me to join in.

      • Hi James,

        That bookings + plugin sounds like just what I’m looking for…
        Any indication of when it will be available?
        I’m not a member yet, but I’ll be joining as soon as it is! :-)

    • Hiya,

      I’m on the team for Appointments+ and am also working on the Bookings+ plugin. Everyone’s feedback is welcome. Our intention with appointments was the idea of a traditional appointment – more of a “one on one” scenario (though it is flexible to work outside of that.

      Other scenarios can be handled through Events+ – which handles limited registration for particular events, etc.

      Finally, our full-fledge version of Bookings+ will be built to handle the missing piece of those folks who need to do a B&B, a Restaurant, or even a movie theater. The scope is enormous and as James mentioned we’ll be looking for member feedback throughout the development process.

      Comments here are great as we really want to understand the specific needs and create real solutions for each. Thanks to everyone who’s participating here. We’re very proud of Appointments+!

  3. Now if you really wanted to extend this plugin to make it even more awesome, it would be great to have users select their local timezone and have all calendars & appointment times redisplayed in their local time zone.

    That way it could be used for making appointments with people who live in different time zones or different parts of the world.

      • What Scott means is that he wants more than one person to book the same service, for example a yoga class.
        So you would need to add the possibility to set an amount of people per appointment, for example allow up to 10 people to book for the same yoga class. It does not seem possible for the moment.

      • I second the request about the capability for multiple bookings in the same time slot. It’s the deal maker/breaker for me.

        If not, then since the plugin allows for multiple staff members, multiple overlapping times could be created, yes? But how easy would it be to hide the fact that there are multiple staff members and make it look like multiple slots only?

        I would be using the plugin on a volunteer site with set tasks / time-slots for a set number of volunteers. If there’s something more suitable then I’m open to suggestions.

  4. Can this app do multiple appointments at the same time? I have a client who sells second hand clothing and they have several days a week where they book appointments to buy clothing from customers. They manually book 2-4 people at a time.

      • Looks good. I must admit that a video and static screen shots do nothing to get me excited about your plugins. I recommend you have live demos of your plugins to avoid looking like you are hiding something,

        • Lol, what could we possibly be hiding? There’s exhaustive documentation, feature descriptions, videos of it in action and thousands of WPMU DEV members already using it…

          Sure we’d always like to improve how we show people stuff (and that includes quality demo sites), but as I’m sure you understand doing a demo for a plugin, as opposed to a theme, is a very different kettle of fish.

          If you don’t feel there’s enough information, or backup, you are welcome not to use it, or go find another WordPress plugin that does this… only thing is that you won’t, because there isn’t another one that comes close.

      • Any further on this? I would like to be able to make an appointment for mulitple people, but not necessarily entering their details, just a figure. Joe Bloggs wants 10 spots for this appointment.

  5. I was really excited about this until I noticed one big thing missing which is a deal-breaker for me: time zones. This plugin looks great for local businesses but my clients are global and we meet online, so integration with some kind of auto-timezone magic is crucial. Maybe even the most crucial: in the past I canceled a paid appointment system even though it was the best service by far, just because they didn’t have great time zone integration. Add that, and I’ll buy it in a snap because I’d love to drop my $15-a-month service in favor of a plugin on my own site.

  6. I have three possible applications, each slightly different but each needs the ability to use PayPal. From the lack of mention in the video and in the feature list, I gather that is not (yet) in the current version. Correct? Is it coming? When?

    Here are the 3 different web site needs.

    1. A massage therapy session appointment maker.
    2. register students for courses.
    3. rent space (rooms) in a community center by the hour or day, one at a time or weekly over a season, to civic groups wanting a meeting place, music teachers, yoga instructors, etc.

    • Hi Joe.

      While not in the video, PayPal is listed the quick rundown as well as an entire section devoted to Paypal on this very page. Screen caps included. You might want to give this page another read. It’s actually really (really) hard to miss.

  7. I have a client that runs a non-profit food pantry. They need to schedule a group of volunteers for each shift at the pantry. So they would say, for this shift of 10-3 Monday we need five people. Five people could sign up for that slot, then that shift would be full and not accept more people. Could your plugin do this?

  8. I’m not exactly sure how this integrates within Buddypress. Here’s what I’m looking for and have been unsuccessful so far, so maybe this will do it.

    NEED: (If the plugin will do this, then I’ll sign up for an account very soon)
    -An appointment scheduler where users can set up appointments with eachother all through the front end.

    WANT: (If the plugin will do this, then I’ll sign up today)
    -Timezone adjustments
    -Multiple appointments in a single time slot

  9. But will it work on a smart phone? Is it responsive in any way for displaying the calendar? With the move towards mobile internet access, making appointments ‘on the go’ should be a vital consideration here. And the multiple appointment over the hour + timezones is very important. Perhaps clicking on a time slot could take you to the hour break down with increments set by the user.

    This could evolve into something nice with everybody’s suggestions.

  10. Dennis,

    I have the appointments + plugin working on a new WordPress site that I developed using a responsive version of Twitter Bootstrap. The css is rough – not completely finished and the site it pretty basic too as I just got the css in there. But You can see it in action here:

    I’ve got an appointments calendar in the main content area and in the sidebar. As the screen size drops, the sidebar stacks under the content and maintains perfect column sizing and functionality.

    It works perfectly down to 320 pixels. Below that I’m not sure anyone with an old blackberry is using their make phone calls anymore, let alone book appointments on the web.

    I like to break the shortcodes out of the tables the plugin creates for you on the sample appointments page. I find it easier to work with my break points for responsive resolutions that way – move rows below each other at certain screen sizes. I also use the short week/day lettering, that setting is controlled by the [app_schedule] shortcode. If yours has long=1 in there, just take that out and it will read, MO, TU, WE… instead of MONDAY, TUESDAY…

    Hope that helps.


  11. Is it possible to have the client select multiple timeslots? For example, as opposed to selecting a slot each time, would they be able to select a whole bunch of slots? For example, they want to signup for tutoring at 2-4, 8-9 and then 11-1230. Can they do that and send only one email to the admin or is this not possible yet? Would they have to signup for multiple slots and enter in their information repeatedly?

  12. It doesn’t look like this is currently a feature, but would the following be possible?

    1. Treat online bookings as queries (set to pending by default)
    2. Rather than a single appointment slot attached to a costing, could bookings be queried with end user defined start/finish times?

    I’m looking for a system that will help me manage a portfolio career in catering/music that will allow multiple clients to check my availability and book jobs (sometimes a whole day/part of a day/evening etc).

  13. Hi there,
    I am not sure if I am being useless but I have had a good surf through and haven’t figured out if what I am wanting is possible :-)
    For my business I am wanting to set up an hour appointment then have a 30 minute gap between the next for setting up for the next. E.g. if someone booked an appointment for 3 the next available spot would be 4:30.
    I know I could just set the time for 90 minutes but then it shows up on the confirmation section 90 where I only want it to be 60?

  14. Im with Ning on this one…
    Need to setup a holiday home rental site but with multiple homes…
    So, Im looking for a booking/reservation type plugin that will allow booking calendars site wide on different pages/posts.

    Need to be able to block book, admin aprove, deposit payment, admin delete etc….

    A few on the market but WAY overpriced… if this can be adapted to function this way you have something I will buy instantly.

  15. I’m literally sold on this plugin and was about to buy it, except I noticed it’s missing one key detail that I need.

    I need to be able to have the option to create a calendar with ‘classes’ so that more than one person can register for a class. So for instance, let’s say I have a calendar that has 4 different classes each week. I need it to allow a given number of people (let’s say 30 people) to be able to sign up for one class. After 30 people had signed up for that one class it would no longer show the class as available.

    I suppose this isn’t going to happen anytime in the near future, is it? When it does you’ve got my money!

    • We’re going to be writing up a tutorial on how to use this to manage video-conferencing classes very soon that should cover all your needs just make sure you subscribe to this site (see bottom of the post)… or you could get stuck in now and give it a go, it’s totally possible!

      • James, is that tutorial available by chance? I just purchased the plugin and I have the same issue. We are using it to book classes that many people can signup for.

  16. This plugin looks VERY interesting. I have a non-profit I have developed over the years and we put on 72-hour long events that volunteers sign up to pray for one hour time slots. Is this possible with plugin? Take a look at…. (sorry for the long link but my existing component does not support SEO).

    I am looking for an excuse to move from Joomla to WordPress and quite frankly this is the only missing piece that is vital.

  17. Is there any way to add pagination to widget (Appointments+ Monthly Calendar Widget) ? Like Next Month and Previous Month button at the bottom of widget calendar. So user can select the future date.


  18. It looks great! My only concern is that it looks like anyone who stumbles across my site can set up appointments. Is there a way to allow only approved members to set up appointments?

  19. James real quick, thinking about your events plugin, appointments and booking plugins, ( thinking of some sort of hybrid) I want to run something by you to see if it’s doable/feasible.
    I run a program and have a group of mentors under my charge. I’m trying to take the department out of the stone age.
    I want to create a wordpress local event site so that community partners can post their events and where my mentors can login on the site and sign up for the event so that I may track the hours of each worker to keep everyone honest with the hours.
    I need there to be some sort of weekly spreadsheet created by the plugin of each worker event activity per event, with daily and weekly total hours worked. I need a electronic signature area on the electronic timesheets so that I can email them to accounting department, or have a collaborative component where certain admins can access the back end and even share ideas on how we can make the department better. Per event I need to be able to set a limit on how many mentors can sign up for that event, and a limit on how many hours are allotted for that event.

    Thanks so much

  20. Ok so to be clear before I buy this. I can

    Offer different length services ie 30, 60, 90 minutes
    I can set up so people have to pay to book their times
    Booked events from my Google calendar will block off time in calendar

    Thanks. It looks like exactly what I am looking for.

  21. I’ve had quite some trouble installing this plugin, but most of it seems to work now. The last problem I`m experiencing is that the syncing with Google Calendar sometimes just doesn’t happen.

    There’s plenty of visitors using the website, and the connection between A+ and gcal is fine. There are a few service providers with separate Google Calendars. I`m not using the default Google Calendar, but have created new ones.

    Could I do something to force syncing? Maybe a cron job?

    Please advice, thanks!

  22. I’m looking for a plugin which can be useful for users to select checkin & checkout dates, on the travel-tour-hotel packages, we sell via our WordPress woocommerce portal…want to know if this plugin is compatible to book appointments & Reservation for Hotels, which sells packages with woocommerce? if not do you recommend any plugin to meet requirements explained above?