Give Individual Posts a Unique Style: WordPress Custom Post Template Plugin

Be Different

With the introduction of format types in WordPress, the ability to post “Link” posts or “Gallery” posts , etc. became something you could do out of the box. But if you’ve ever wanted to give different posts a style of your own, then the Custom Post Template plugin makes it easy.

Quick Instructions:

1. After installing and activating the plugin, you will need to create a new custom post template.

2. On your server, go to your theme’s folder.

3. Create a new file and name it whatever you like followed by .php. In my case, I named it “test” (test.php).

4. Find the file in your theme for your single post pages (most likely named single.php).

5. Open that and copy it.

6. Paste that code into the new file you’ve just made (test.php).

7. At the top of that file (before the code you’ve just pasted), put the following:

Template Name Posts: Test

You can name it whatever you like. I have named mine “Test.”

8. Change the rest of the file in whatever way you like to make it unique and save it. For a quick test, I simply added some text.

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Creating a New Post

When you create a new post, you should now see a new box near the bottom of the right-hand column labeled “Post Template.” This will provide a pull-down menu of all the different post templates you’ve made.

Choose whichever you like and make your post. Your new post should now be styled in the manner you determined in your post template.

(Download the plugin here.)

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(Thanks to pshutterbug for the image.)


Comments (5)

  1. Awesome Plugin!

    Has anyone else had a problem implementing it for custom post types? I finally saw the instructions for using on custom post types in the instructions on the plugin page, however I get a site crashing error when I use that code

    • The plug-in works great for regular posts, but like josh above, I can’t get it to work for the custom post types. I don’t have the option to select it from a drop-down menu. Does anyone know how to fix this?