Delete Old Post Revisions and Free Up Space in Your WordPress Database

Saved post revisions can be a lifesaver in WordPress. If something goes wrong and you need to access a previous saved version of your post, it’s right there for you, waiting to be clicked on at the bottom of your editor.


Lots and Lots of Revisions

If you’ve worked with WordPress for a while, then you’ve no doubt been saved by the post revisions feature a time or two. But you’ve probably also noticed that those revisions tend to add up.

If you write your post in your editor, then WordPress is saving revision after revision as you go along. In fact, it’s not unusual to have 20+ versions of a post. Multiply that by the number of posts on your site, and you get a ton of extra posts stored in your database.

Getting Rid of Old Revisions

Some people don’t like all those old revisions hanging around in their database. They believe the revisions slow down their site.

That, however, may be a myth.

According to co-founding developer of WordPress Mike Little in the comments on this post at WPBeginner, “WordPress’ database queries do *not* retrieve revisions, so the number of revisions has no effect on the queries. The only time the revisions are retrieved is on the edit page of the individual post. There is no impact on the front end speed of your site.”

If anyone would know, it seems Mike would know. However, many still maintain that having a smaller and lighter database can only be a good thing, and so they still choose to get rid of their old revisions.

If you’re one who would be in that camp, then one of the three plugins below should help you do that. Each has a very unique way in which it goes about its duties, however, and so you should read through each description to see which suits you best.


1. Better Delete Revision – Download Here

The Better Delete Revision both deletes old revisions and also optimizes your database.

As the plugin page says, “With optimization and old revision removal this plugin will keep your database lighter and smaller throughout use. Removing old revisions and database optimizations is one of the best things you can do to your WordPress blog to keep it running as fast as it can.”

Here’s a look at the plugin settings page as well as the deletion process.

2. Revision Control – Download Here

The Revision Control plugin is different from Better Delete Revision plugin in that it does not perform bulk deletions of your revisions; however, it does give you two features that the Better Delete plugin doesn’t include.

It lets you first determine the number revisions to store.


And it also allows you to delete individual revisions via a box on your editing screen.



3. Revision Cleaner – Download Here

The Revision Cleaner plugin adds yet another twist on revision deletion. It allows each user to set a time interval for automatic deletion of his/her revisions. This is done on the user’s profile page.

First we’ll take a look at the administrator’s setting page which allows you to give users permission to set their own intervals.


And here’s a look at the controls on a user’s profile page.

So, there you have it: three different plugins, three different ways to go about revision deletion.