20 Fantastic WordPress Footer Designs

Let’s face it – even though they often contain vital information, footers generally don’t get much respect.

Unless someone is looking for information that might typically be found in the footer area, many people won’t give footers a second look. To readers, typically footers mean “the end,” “time to move on,” “that’s enough,” “how do I get out of here?”

But if you have a footer that surprises in some way, something that offers a little more, something that pops out at the visitor, then you just may catch their attention enough to engage them a little more.

Below are twenty creative WordPress site footers we found out on the web you can use for footer inspiration.

1. Mecannical



2. Blurp


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3. Productive Dreams



4. Snail Bird


5. Kailoon


6. Poogans Porch


7. Iemai


8. CSS Tricks

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9. Urban Pie


10. Foxtie


11. Web Designer Wall


12. Branded 07


13. Blog Me Tender


14. Make the Neighbors Jealous

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15. Catalyst Studios


16. Gisele Jaquenod


17. Midnighters Club


18. Kulturbanause


19. Rancid Rancid


20. Noupe

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Thanks to limaoscarjuliet for the photo.

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    • Shea – Basically they all fall under the same category of being unique. Not each of these is for everyone obviously. It’s a matter of taste. But to have something unique in your footer area will give it a little more personality.