WordPress MU privacy plugin

Fancy making some blogs private and not others? Are you keen on your users privacy? Well, if you are, then you’re gonna like our new WordPress MU privacy plugin.

Basically it adds three new privacy levels, allows you to edit sitewide privacy levels and then gives you rights to choose if you want users to control their own privacy levels… or not.

First up, here are the new options:

I would like only logged in users to see my blog.
I would like only logged in users who are registered subscribers to see my blog.
I would like only administrators of this blog, and network to see my blog.

new privacy levels

And, in Site Admin > Options, you can set these sitewide, decide whether users should be able to override them and whether you want to set these options for all new blogs or to do that AND update all blogs that have been previously created.

new site admin privacy levels

Let us know how you like it!