16 Time-Saving WordPress Multisite Plugins for Managing Your Network

Managing a very active multisite network can be fairly intense and time-consuming. Between answering user support emails and troubleshooting network issues, you also have to keep the core and all the plugins updated and in working order. Here are 16 WordPress multisite plugins just released this year that will save you tons of time in managing your multisite network. Grab a cup of coffee and install all of your new favorites.

Class Blogs

Class Blogs is a plugin that simplifies the process of blogging as a class by making it easier to find, organize and analyze the work created by students. It comes with teacher admin pages, student admin pages, themes and tons of widgets to show recent student posts and comments.

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AP Gravatars

AP Gravatars is a simple plugin that adds a user’s gravatar to his profile page. If the user does not have a gravatar account, the plugin will display a link to create one. It’s multisite-compatible so that you can use it across your network.

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Approval Workflow

This plugin creates a workflow approval process within WordPress. If a user doesn’t have permission to publish a post, an email is sent to one of the approvers when a post is submitted to be published. It also works within multisite so that sub-sites can take advantage of the approval workflow as well.

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Network Shared Media

Network Shared Media is a very useful plugin that lets you access media across the network through a new tab in the media library. This can be very convenient if you find yourself posting to multiple blogs or simply want to make a set of images or documents available to other users.

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Multisite TOS

This plugin adds a Terms of Service agreement field on the multisite signup form, similar to the wordpress.com TOS field. It also supports localization so you can add your language file.

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Subsite Theme Activator

This plugin is designed for use in multisite networks where the same theme is used across all sites. After you have network enabled a new theme, you’ll get a new option to “Subsite Activate” the theme, which will apply it to every subsite on your network. This is very useful if you have lots of sites and don’t want to manually change each site’s active theme.

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MU Manage Comments Plugin

This is a pretty cool plugin that will show you a list of blogs with spam or unmoderated comments, which enables the the network administrator to manage the comments on all network blogs. It is recommended for use on small to moderate sized multisite installations.

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Akismet Wedge for MU Plugin

This plugin provides a wedge between multisite and Akismet by globalizing the Akismet API key so it can be used across blogs. Multisite network blogs can then use the Akismet API key without having to configure each blog or edit any PHP files.

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BBG Record Blog Roles Changes

This plugin records all changes in user blog roles (wp_x_capabalities usermeta) across an entire WordPress installation. It can be a lifesaver to have installed if you find yourself having to troubleshoot mysterious role changes within your multisite network.

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Blog Copier

Blog Copier is a very handy plugin for multisite network admins. It enables you to copy a blog, including all its widgets, template settings and more. You can elect to copy or not copy the files. GUIDs and URLs in post contents are automatically migrated for you so you don’t have to manually change anything!

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Dead Blogs

The Dead Blogs plugin lets you filter blogs, based on specific criteria in order to sort out which blogs are dead. You can locate the blogs by when they were last updated, number of posts, number of pages, or whether or not the blog uses the default theme.

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Multisite Robots.txt Manager

Multisite Robots.txt Manager lets you manage all Network Websites robots.txt files directly within the Network Admin. Each Website within the network is able to have a unique robots.txt file. You can also instantly add Sitemaps URLs to all network websites and mass update the entire Network or individual site.

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TuKod MultiSite Site Names

TuKod MultiSite Site Names overrides the normal restrictions that WordPress places on site names. This plugin gives you expanded site name choices in the multisite sign-up process. It enables you to use dashes (-), dots(.), tildes (~), underscores (_), capitals (A-Z) and even change the minimum length.

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WP Changes Tracker

WP Changes Tracker is a very useful plugin that logs changes made to your WordPress structure: core, network, plugins and options. In the near future it will also log changes to themes. These logs are only available to the network admin when used in multisite.

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Move to Subsite

This new plugin lets you move posts in a category and/or a page hierarchy to a subsite, while implementing seamless redirects. You can actually move content to another site on your WordPress network with a single click.

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Network Plugin Auditor

This is a plugin that nearly every WordPress multisite installation can benefit from. It adds columns to your network admin to show which sites are using each plugin and theme. It will help you know which plugins and themes are in use and which can be safely removed without affecting your subsites.

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Comments (6)

    • As someone who manages a network of blogs for kids between the ages of 13 – 15, this is one of the best recent collections of plugins that I’ve seen. I’m always looking for ways to improve their network and I think a few of these will find a home with me. Thanks for sharing.

  1. I use about half of these so I will defiantly be checking out the rest.

    What I can’t seem to find is a simple and secure registration manager that doesn’t have an overblown subscription system. All I need to do is redirect users who are not logged in to a login screen, provide a registration link, and then hold that registration until I can manually approve and grant access.

  2. Hello Sarah,
    This is a very good article and collection of WordPress plugins for Wp Multisite.
    Is there is any plugin available which switches/links all sites to a main website Or we have to do it manually?
    (It is because, I am developing a site, which is a city portal, which have to used classified website, jobs website, business listing site, these are to be merged with each other.)


  3. Apa,

    I’m not sure the name of it, but there is a plugin that saves and preserves theme settings prior to changes. If things goof-up, you can go back to your originals without having to do it manually. I think Sarah did an article a few months ago that mentioned it.

    Does anyone remember which one it is? I sure would like to know too.