Get Fruity Comment Spam Protection with WP Pineapple!

WordPress Spam Plugin - WP PineappleSpam is one of those few things in life that doesn’t polarize opinion.

Everyone hates spam. Even spammers hate spam. When I browse through the spam folder on my blog (which I occasionally do to check that no genuine comments have been caught), the absurdity of the spam comments never ceases to amaze me.

I assume that there must be some worth in these attempts to gain backlinks, but it is difficult to believe how.

WordPress Spam Plugin
Please spammers, stop - you'll make me blush.

Anyway, Akismet does a pretty good job of protecting blogs from spam, but I know for a fact that some bloggers aren’t particularly happy with it. I have certainly struggled with it in the past, when it went through a period of spamming a healthy percentage of genuine comments (not good in terms of user engagement). Whilst that issue seems to have been ironed out now, it can be a good idea to compliment Akismet’s functionality (or consider replacements) with an alternative form of spam protection.

And this is where WP Pineapple comes in. Whilst Akismet runs a series of tests to ascertain whether or not a comment is genuine or spam, WP Pineapple takes a rather more straightforward approach:

WordPress Spam Plugin

The principle is simple – computers can’t tell the difference between pieces of fruit. It will not of course stop human web spammers (of which there are a growing number), but it should stop all spambots.

I say should, because this plugin (in its current guise) could be hacked. But in reality, it will likely never become popular enough for someone to write a script that specifically targets it.

So, if you’re looking for a bit of light-hearted spam protection that might cause your visitors mirth rather than frustration, check WP Pineapple out!

Download WP Pineapple here.

Creative Commons photo courtesy of Bruno Girin