WordPress Speaks Out Against SOPA/PIPA

You may have noticed the new black button on the WordPress.org website. WordPress has officially posted its opposition to the SOPA/PIPA bills, which are coming up for vote on January 24, 2012.

It’s no surprise that WordPress is making a public stand, as the software powers roughly 15% of the web. Anyone who has anything to do with the internet knows that SOPA drives a severe blow to innovation and freedom of speech.

Not familiar with the bills? Watch this video for a quick overview:

Here’s a quick comparison chart from KeepTheWebOpen.com that breaks down how these bills would be applied:

What can you do?

Your participation really does matter! The boycott of GoDaddy successfully forced them to pull their support of SOPA and PIPA.

Get involved by visiting Stop American Censorship, which lists tons of ways that you can make an impact. Find out how you can get involved locally and take note of where your representatives stand on the matter.

Additionally, you can install the Stop SOPA Ribbon plugin on your WordPress-powered site, which links to the American Censorship website. This plugin lets your visitors know where you stand.


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  1. WPMU: “The boycott of GoDaddy successfully forced them to pull their support of SOPA and PIPA”

    It’s true that Godaddy changed their stance, but my understanding is that Godaddy was one of the organisations that was granted an exemption from the SOPA, presumably to get their support. Is that correct? Did Godaddy’s backdown on SOPA include a removal of that exemption?

    Cool Android App that utilizes a barcode scanner to enable consumers to identify products produced by SOPA supports:

  2. Great video! Combining the entertainment industry’s inflexible approach to innovation and the world’s dictatorial government’s love of censorship, the Internet as we know it is under attack. It is important that everyone stand up against SOPA/PIPA because if allowed to pass these bills would cripple online business and dramatically limit free speech across the world. The Internet is the only place where the individual has **an equal** chance to voice her or his opinion against the corporate megalithic media empires that want to control perception.

  3. I don’t think this new (cruel) policy is necessary.Even the existing policies are making some serious actions,then why these new one.

    As other i strongly belive this new policy will creates panic ,and unstable situation with internet.

    As of reading the Godaddy support of this new policy i have stop promoting thier service with my blog and other site. lets to this together.

  4. Most normal people would love to have less government and state control of these types of things. We are sick of the rich trying to dictate to us how things should be done. I don’t want this type of law to pass as it will put small businesses under attach and lose tax income.

  5. The sad thing is there will be one bill after another after another after another until one gets through. I hope it never happens, but the internet is one of those last good things the power that be will pursue ending, monetizing like cable tv, and controlling like all mass media.

    Naturally, I hope I’m wrong!

  6. Sadly, the new world order begins by eroding the rights of the individual. Scary, the biggest fear governments have is all based on the power of the internet. That power gives us the people the power to speak out and change the governments, bring down powerful corporations and unite us against big corporations, banks and governments. The recent protest against GoDaddy was a perfect example.

    The intentions of SOPA may come across as a means to stop pirates and hackers, the truth is, SOPA was created by very experienced lawyers and pro government lobby groups, who stand to use this law against the freedom we currently have on the internet.

    Who can prevent law makers and interest groups from taking SOPA and turning into a weapon to silence us all. Imagine being able to disrupt our voices at a time when we all need to stick together.

    Governments already have the power to squash hackers, pirates and foreign intruders and yet very little has been done.

    SOPA is not about what we are being told. SOPA is about what we are not being told it will do to our freedom, rights, voice and the collective togetherness we currently have. Break down our communication and seperate us into small groups and you have a new world order that will control and destroy what we have . . . FREEDOM.

    • You are so on it. Some are urging people to contact their state representative. It’s so sad because they have no idea that it won’t make any difference. Republican or Democrat. Pink devil or blue devil. They’re all in the same bed. The two party system is a fraud. A democratic facade. That’s why I don’t vote because your vote DOESN’T make a difference. They just want people to think it does. These acts are going to pass whether Americans like or not. As you said, this has nothing to do with music piracy. That’s just a smokescreen. A few loose ends need to be tied– like this one — and then the veil will be lifted. This is the New World Order. It’s here. We are there.

  7. I think we should pass the law and trust the gov. to do what they feel is best for us. They would never do anything wrong, they have a proven track record full of success.

    Oh wait, second though…never mind.

  8. Crazy, crazy business!!!

    Some of the implications here huge, for service providers, domain name registrars and hosting companies in addition to crippling social and media networking websites.

    All for the sake of profit just because some fat cats lust for more riches.

    We, the people truly do have power here. We choose to go to the movies, we choose to buy their products, services and we can also choose not to! Its not just about a petition here, it could be about a lifestyle change to hit at the heart of the greedy.

    I’m sickened by their endless desire to chase a riches.