WordPress Weekend Reader: 10 Great Articles from Around the Web

As it’s the weekend, maybe you have a little time to catch up on your reading. Below are ten WordPress related articles you may have missed recently. While all of these aren’t for everyone, you should be able to find at least a few in the bunch that you’ll be glad you read.

General WordPress Articles

1. What’s Going On In The WordPress Economy? -In this post, former WPMU.org blogger Siobhan McKeown takes a look at making money with WordPress.

2. 90 Must Follow WordPress Experts on TwitterIf you want to know what’s up with WordPress, follow the following.

3. The Teaser Model for Making Money with PluginsA new marketing model for making money off WordPress plugins is emerging.

4. Orange County WordCamp Looking for PresentersIf you’re in Southern California, the Orange County WordCamp is still looking for speakers.

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5. Twenty High Quality Free WordPress Themes

6. Tweny-one Amazing Free WordPress Themes



7. 55 Best WordPress Plugin – You’ll find everything from sliders to admin menus here.

8. WordPress Lazy Load Plugins: Easy Way to Improve Your Site’s Performance -Plugins to load only images that are on the part of the screen that’s being viewed.



9. Protect Your WordPress Site with .htaccessA security tutorial from .Net Magazine.

10. How to Secure your WordPress Pages with SSLA tutorial on using https:// from WPBeginner.


Featured Plugin - WordPress Wiki Plugin

To get a wiki up and running you used to need to install Mediawiki and toil away for days configuring it... not any more! This plugin gives you *all* the functionality you want from a wiki, in WordPress!!!
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