The Top 10 Free WordPress YouTube Gallery Plugins

It’s very easy to add YouTube videos to a WordPress Post or a Page. Plop in a bit of embed code or the URL of the video, and you’re all set.

But if your site is video heavy, then you’re probably going to want a more robust solution. You’re probably going to want to showcase your videos in a more interesting and engaging way.

For many, a YouTube gallery plugin is the way to go. Depending on which one you choose, a gallery plugin will let you do everything from automatically create a whole page of videos based on a YouTube tag to individually selecting the exact videos you want and displaying them in a unique video player.

The range of YouTube gallery plugins out there is wide and impressive. There are a lot of very nice and creative solutions. We’ve gone through and picked out the ten best free ones we could find.

If you know of others we may have missed, let us know in the comments.

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1. TubePress  

TubePress is a powerful but simple-to-use video gallery plugin that gives you a ton of controls for automatically embedding videos from either YouTube or Vimeo.

After adjusting your settings to your liking, a gallery is automatically created for you and inserted wherever you insert the proper shortcode(s).



One of the plugin’s strongest features is that it gives you multiple ways to choose which types of videos will make up your automatically created gallery. You can, for example, choose videos from a specific user, from a certain user’s favorites, from a specific playlist, from the latest featured videos on YouTube’s homepage, from the top rated videos of the day/week/month/all-time, and more.

Here’s a look at the settings page where choose which videos should be in your gallery.


Another nice aspect of this plugin is the amount of control it gives you over the display of the media player. Here’s a look at the settings for the player.


TubePress gives you a ton of settings and features that you can mix and match for all sorts of video galleries. Here’s a page of lots of great examples of different things it can do.


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2. Contus Video Gallery

The Contus Video Gallery plugin gives you a video gallery page with multiple sections. At the top is a player with five different videos on the side. Below that is a section for featured videos, recent videos, and popular videos.

Here’s a look at the plugin’s galleries in a more complete way.


Each video also resides on its own page. These pages are automatically created when you insert the URL for the video on the settings page.

Here’s a look at an individual video page.



As mentioned, you build your gallery by adding the URLs for the videos you’d like. Once the URL is added, you can automatically generate a title and a description from YouTube with the push of a button.

Here’s a look at the settings page for adding a video.


The plugin also offers a number of other controls. Here’s a partial look at the settings page for setting up your player and your gallery page.


*In order to replace the Contus Video Gallery logo with your own, you will need to upgrade to the premium version for $99.


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3. YouTube Simple Gallery


The YouTube Simple Gallery plugin lets you set up galleries by individually choosing which videos you want to show. You can then insert your gallery into a Post or a Page by using shortcodes designated by the plugin along with the URLs of the videos you want. You can also put a gallery into a widget.

The plugin allows you to include titles and descriptions if you like, but that is optional.

Here’s a look at the shortcodes with URLs and titles in the WordPress editor.


And here’s a look at the main settings page for plugin.




4. YouTube Channel Showcase

The YouTube Channel Showcase plugin is a simple plugin that lets you create a gallery by identifying a YouTube channel. You can then also set a featured video at the top of the gallery by inserting its ID into the proper spot.

Here’s a look at a working shortcode for the plugin. As you can see, there are several options for you to fill in: YouTube channel, featured/showcase video ID, width of showcase video, number of videos in gallery, width of gallery thumbnails.

It should be noted that the gallery for this plugin is set up to be one column. There is no way to easily change that. You would need to dig into the CSS of the plugin.


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5. Cool Video Gallery

The Cool Video Gallery plugin lets you put video galleries into your Posts or Pages in several different styles.

In addition to the style in the screenshot above, there are two other styles. One is a single thumbnail that automatically rotates to the next thumbnail after a few seconds. The other style is called “Showcase.” It is a typical gallery layout. Here’s a look at it.


You can also place galleries in widgets.



This plugin works by adding the videos you want one by one. Here’s a look at the settings page for doing that.


After your videos are added, you can manage the videos in the backend.


After setting up your videos in the backend, you can then insert a gallery into a Post or a Page via a new button added to your visual editor.




6. YouTube Channel Gallery

The YouTube Channel Gallery plugin lets you insert videos from a YouTube channel that you designate.

You can put galleries into Posts or Pages with a shortcode, as in the screenshot above. Or you can put galleries into widgets.

Here’s a look at a channel gallery in a sidebar widget.

And here are the settings for that widget.


7. Ultimate Video Gallery

The Ultimate Video Gallery plugin gives you a nice, compact gallery with “playing now” video space on top. The thumbnails below the video automatically paginate if the number of thumbnails goes past the number allowed.

Here’s a look at how to navigate the thumbnails.


Videos are added one-by-one by simply adding the video’s URL in the proper space on the settings page. Here’s a look at the space where videos are added.

Once a gallery is created, you simply add it to a Post or Page with a shortcode. You can create as many different galleries as you like. You can also add galleries to widgets in your sidebars.


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8. All Video Gallery

The All Video Gallery plugin works by adding videos one by one to a gallery profile. You then call that specific gallery into a Post or a Page with a shortcode.

The image above is actually a screenshot from an individual video’s page. The actual gallery pages are made up of thumbnails. A “playing now” video isn’t present on the gallery pages, only on the single video pages.

A gallery page would look like the screenshot below.


Galleries are published by using shortcodes, but there is also a widget you can use to set up latest, popular, featured, and random videos. Here’s a look at a sidebar with active widgets.



There are a few different aspects to setting up a gallery with this plugin that make it a little different. For example, all videos must be put into a category, and so categories must be set up (along with mandatory thumbnail images for the categories). Because of these differences, you will probably want to read the “Quickstart Guide” provided in the backend before jumping in.

You can control the look of your galleries through the settings. Here’s a partial look at the main settings page.

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9. Workbox Video

The Workbox Video plugin works by allowing you to add videos one by one. It then puts the videos into a single column gallery with descriptions off to the right.

When a video thumbnail is clicked on, the video appears in a lightbox pop up as in the screenshot below.



Galleries are added to a page by selecting the page in the backend, using a shortcode, or using php code. It appears that the plugin only allows you to create one gallery, though you can add as many videos to it as you like.

Here’s a look at the main settings page.


And here’s a look at the page for setting up a single video.

10. WP YouTube Channel Gallery


The WP YouTube Channel Gallery pulls in videos from a defined YouTube channel. You can set up a single column gallery in a Post or a Page by using shortcodes. (See instructions on the plugin’s info page.)

You can also pull in videos from a YouTube channel via a widget. Here’s a look at the widget in action.

And here’s a look at the settings for the widget.


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  1. I’m in search of a plugin that will allow content from 2 different channels/users to be shown in one instance. I’ve looked in to several different plugins, but haven’t found an option for that. Any ideas?

  2. Dear Joe,

    I am looking to make a gallery like this

    Could you you please suggest some option , basically I want to add post along with my video, so that when a person clicks on the video he will be taken to the post?


    • They are using WP, and I looked at the code, but I’m not seeing a video plugin there, so I’m not sure what they’re using. #2 above looks closest to that, as far as I can see.