WPMU Administration Plugins

As I browsed through the competition plugins here on wpmu.org, I noticed that several of them were strictly administration plugins.  Meaning all of the actions were strictly used once a user is logged in and within the administration menu.

Yet on the installations they were still being placed in the mu-plugins folder.

Here are my thoughts and please correct me if I am wrong, which wouldn’t be the first and certainly not the last.

Every person/bot/spider/rss feed/etc that requests one of the pages on one of your blogs, will loop through the entire mu-plugins folder.

If you have 50 plugins in there, that could potentially take up a lot of needed resources on your server, especially if the plugin deals strictly with administration features.  Why should an average reader have to load 5-10 files of administration plugins when they will never use them?

A different approach:

Create a separate folder in your wp-content folder.  Let’s call it admin-plugins. ie. /wp-content/admin-plugins. Then every mu plugin that strictly deals with administration side functions, meaning in the wp-admin area, drop it in that folder.

Then in your mu-plugins folder, you can add this file:


(Copy file, paste in source code editor, change name to wpmu-director.php, upload to mu-plugins)

This small piece of code will determine whether or not the /wp-admin section of the blog is being called then and only then, load your mu administration plugins.

I would love to hear your guy’s thoughts on this…

What say you?