WPMU DEV – Bookings Plus Survey

Hiya folks!

Just a few days since our official release of Appointments+ on WPMUDEV but already the feedback has been positive as well as overwhelming.  The one thing we keep hearing (after releasing Events+ and Appointments+) is that some of you all are really looking for a dedicated booking software.

Well, good news, that’s what we’re working on now.

To meet the modern needs of a fully-fledged online booking software is no small tasks.  Indeed, you could consider Events+ and Appointments+ as our first “baby steps” into this arena.  We’ve learned a lot over their releases and now want to dive head-first with the upcoming bookings plugin. We’re considering a huge range of things and have already been brainstorming and mapping out how things are going to work.

Of course, with software, there’s gotta be a realistic expectation for what’s delivered in the 1.0 version and what will follow.  So, we want to hear from you all!  Are you a developer familiar with this industry? Do you currently use an online booking software?  Now’s your chance to chime in! Tell us what’s most important to you and what frustrates you most.  We want to hear it all so help a brutha out and fill out the survey below, cool?

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  1. I submitted to the above, but please do contact me on premium.wpmu.org under ‘Glennyboy’ so that I can give a fulle run-down of what I’d like to see. I have recently scoped for such a plugin and so have a pretty good grasp of potentially useful features.


  2. after typing long text above, i found out that there is no submit botton, then my page refreshes and wipes out all my text… Dont think i have the time to retype…

    • No ‘submit’ button for me either so couldn’t submit here, but *VERY* interested in helping, contributing ideas, beta testing, etc. @jjsararas in wpmudev


  3. Hey Guys, I am a premium member, trying out many of the plugins available. Just reading this one again, and I would love to get a look at it.

    Is there an update on the release date?