Audience, Exposure, $$$s and Even a Full-Time Job – Write for WPMU DEV

Sorry, we’re no longer taking submissions for guest posts.

We are always looking for WordPress experts who can write up a storm.

So if you can write great WordPress tutorials, amazing WordPress resource list & review articles or incredible investigative, topical and informed WordPress opinion pieces – then we want to hear from you.

And what’s more, we’ll then promote your posts heavily on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, our enormous email newsletter and our many other networks – you’ll get more exposure than you thought possible. Ex, and current, WPMU DEV writers have gone on to pretty great things, helped by this.

Here’s how to submit

Just use the form below to pitch us with your post idea, we’re looking for a great title, an interesting summary and at least your opening two paragraphs.

We’d also like to see links to at least 3 other posts you’ve written, please just add them in at the bottom.

Here’s the initial criteria we’ll be using to decide whether to proceed with your post:

  • The submission must use perfect written English – absolutely no grammatical or spelling errors (with the bounds of regular blogging… we’re not the NY Times :)
  • We’re looking for something that will engage our audience, that they’ll find useful and interesting… make sure you read through a bunch of articles on here first (as well as the details below)
  • It absolutely must be about WordPress, we really mean that, no non-WordPress ideas at all please
  • Ideally it will be an original, unique and interesting topic and area, please google first, especially using – we don’t want to cover old ground, unless it’s warranted
  • Please don’t even try to submit any duplicate / SEO / spammy content… you’ll just be wasting your time, and it’ll only take us a couple of seconds to delete

We’ll take a look as soon as possible and get back to you with questions, comments or to create you a Contributor account here so you can work it up for the site.

And, if you’d like a bit more detail….

Here’s What We’re Looking For

We’re after quality, meaningful, relevant and interesting posts that are….

  • about WordPress – tutorials, resources, guides and strongly WordPress-related topics only
  • detailed, in-depth, and massively well-researched
  • as fresh and unique as possible
  • the article on any topic that has already been written about
  • beautifully, engagingly, elegantly written (native English writers only please)
  • and delightfully well presented – see our style guide.

Content Guidelines

Finished articles should…

  • be a minimum of 1,500 words
  • if text-light, cover at least 10 different options
  • probably exceed both of the above
  • Conform to our style guide

If it doesn’t take you at least a full day (or two) to research and compose the article… you’re probably not spending enough time on it.

Submission Topics

As long as it’s focused on WordPress, we’re open to considering it.

But more specifically we’re looking for posts similar to the below:

‘Your WordPress Team’™

Our overarching aim, is to serve our readers and users, as if we were their own dedicated WordPress team.

This means that we do the research, we work out the solutions, we find out the best plugins, themes and resources – and we share them, with love.

Think about what you can do to help our readers and members, how can you save them time and money, how can you help them out with WordPress… be their WordPress team, and you’re onto a winner.

Publication & Payment

When your post is published, we’ll immediately send you the $$$s agreed on via PayPal – please invoice us by email.

And of course our gratitude, best wishes and an invitation to write for us again… after all, you’ve shown us your chops.

And you never know, there might even be a full time job on staff too down the track, if you are interested in that sort of thing – ask us about that if you are interested.

We cannot, of course, guarantee publication.

If you have any questions, please let us know after we have received your submission – obviously we get a lot of interest in writing for us, so we like to get a feel for your work before we enter into discussions.