Tyler I am not having any luck with attaching a file, so I am enclosing a PDF of what's on the screen away with highlighting color. FTP: I’m on a new host that has very strict security in place. To get FTP to

This is usually a networking issue where the host is unable to reach our servers sometime because of php_curl is not enabled as posted in the following reply. http://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/topic/my-server-h

Would you please grant support access from your Dashboard > WPMU DEV > Support > Support Access so that I can check? I will be happy to take a look :) Cheers Ash

Hi Karen, Make sure you have deactivated the Events+ add-ons "Immediately expire past events" and "Expire last month events". Just grant me temporary admin access to your site by clicking "Grant Access" button

Furthermore, I get a different error when I try to use WPMU Dashboard to install. http://www.screencast.com/t/DeVxK1JluhY

after log-in I am redirecting them to a members page the log-out is still working I am not wanting user to be directed to the dashboard

Hi Peter, Sorry to hear of the problem you are having. Sorry I'm sending this as a new request but when I tried to reply it just went to "loading" and didn't allow me to respond. Could you please share me the

Hi @Jim, Sorry to hear of the problem you are having. Could you please try resaving your permalink settings and verifying Membership plugin tables for any problems by clicking on the button "Verify Membership T

Hi, On my network site have my users created some sites which were functioning fine until my hosting provider was unable to properly upgrade the site. For reasons unknown to me I cannot get through to any dashb

Hi @ITSeLearning, As far as I can see, it will use the from address that's in the Network settings. Network Dashboard > settings > subscribe by email. Hope this helps

Good day Micheal - Sorry for the delay, something pressing came up. I've disabled all plugins outside of Appointment+ and the WPMU dashboard. I also tried 2014 and the issue still persists. I enabled support ac

Hi @imcmg, Are you using page rules (restricting the whole page) or are you using shortcodes to hide just certain content on a page. Can you grant support access using our dashboard plugin? Dashboard > wpmud

Hey guys! I am trying to display analytics on the front end of the site similar to the reports i see in dashboard>statics when using the Google Analytics+ plugin. MORE INFO: This is a multisite setup but

Newbie Question, how many wordpress separate installed domain site can I use the WPMU DEV dashboard & plugins

Hello @Robert Welcome to WPMU community! I hope you are well today and thanks for asking the question. Currently TOS is single site supported too. I am notifying the developer to fix inside the dashboard. For n