Add custom actions to Automessage

Any info on how to add a custom action. For example, I have created a meta field Status which is a dropdown. When I have that dropdown select I want it to fire an automessage.

This is a cool tool but it would be great if we had a few more options for site actions than the singular send to a new user action.


    Philip John
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    Where exactly is your meta field? Presumabily a profile meta field?

    The plugin doesn't provide any mechanism to change it's behaviour based on profile fields, no. However that is techincally feasible although you'd be looking at custom development to do that.


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    Precisely, I'd like when an account's meta field is set to a status, a message is sent out.

    How hard would it be do build this functionality in? Is this something you guys would do as a side project? I don't mind paying for it to have it committed back to the plugin for all to use.

    I think this would be very useful functionality for most wp users.


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