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After liking facebook it refreshes immediately before I can click the download button.


The sharing button works fine for Twitter and Linkedin. But when I share using Facebook, it refreshes immediately before I can click to the next URL.

Please help.

Here's the link to the site where the plug-in is active:http://www.phidecks.com/numbers-funny-shapes-in-our-lives/

    Philip John


    It's likely that something else is conflicting and causing that.

    I see you have other Facebook-related elements on the page. Can you de-activate all other plugins and see if the issue persists please?

    If that doesn't work, revert to the default theme and test again.


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    I deactivated my other plug-in that has facebook elements but it doesn't work.

    It's too much of a hassle to deactivate the rest. Think I'll pass on this plug-in till a better one comes along.

    Thanks for your help though!

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    It works now! I don't know what happen but it's working great.

    Thanks very much though!