Automatically add new custom posts to a submenu within a WP 3.0 menu

I am working on a WPMU 3.0 site where we have some custom post types. We are using WordPress 3.0 menus. In the top level menu items we have a menu item for each of the custom post types. When the user adds a new custom post type - we want the post AUTOMATICALLY added to the appropriate top-level menu option. Yes, the user could add the post manually to the menu, but they prefer not to do this extra step that they overlook. They want it done automatically based on the publish status of the post. Any suggestions on how to accomplish this?


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    Hiya Dave,

    I don't believe this is possible using the current menu nav ability in WordPress. You'd just need to create a custom query for the posts and then have them appear formatted in the menu section. For instance, having it display the title, permalink and limit it to last 5 posts or whatever suits your navigation needs in this case.

    Here's info on the query from the codex if ya need:

    Hope this helps!



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