Beanstream Payment Gateway

Has anyone had any experience adding payment gateways to Marketpress? Is it easy to do? Is this something i need to add to a feature request?

I'm stuck with Beanstream for now as a payment gateway and would like to integrate it with marketpress.

Any tips please?


    Hi mrcanngo,

    Bgiven all the well commented, existing gateways, it's actually a relatively simple task for a developer to add in a payment gateway, though if you don't feel comfortable with coding, yourself, it's something you'll likely want to seek a developer's assistance with.

    If you're fine with a bit of coding though, you could have a look at all the existing gateways for MarketPress in \marketpress\marketpress-includes\plugins-gateway\. As mentioned, they're very well commented and easy to follow.

    I'll go ahead and move this thread over to the feature suggestion forum though, so we can have a look at how many others might be looking for this one.

    Any +1s on a beanstream gateay for MarketPress?


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    +1 for sure. Which existing gateway would be a good starting point to work on coding a beanstream gateway?

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    If one existed it would save me from coding one myself, which I haven't done before but could figure out. So, yes please!


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