Blog ID?

Where do you find the blog ID # to Create a New Blog Template?


    Hiya scott74,

    You can get the blog ids from your sites list at Network Admin > Sites or as follows:

    Simply click to Edit any of the sites in the list and you'll see the blog's id at the end of the url like so:

    Hope that helps!


    Timothy Bowers

    Hey there! :-)

    Just checking in to see how things are going with this one and if you need any further help. :-)

    We haven't heard from you on this thread for a while. So I'm going to presume your all fixed up now and don't need any further assistance.

    However if you have more questions or need some more help then please feel free to respond in this thread or create a new one and we will be more than happy to offer assistance. :-)

    Take care.


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