BuddyPress GroupForums not working

Does any one know why the group forums wouldn't be working? The forum directory works but when I go to add a forum thread in a group the forum link doesn't show up and if I enter it it goes back to home page.

theitsites.com is the page with the issues. I've deleted the bbpress forum install and reinstalled the group/forum from BP admin a few time. Nothing.

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    Are forums enabled for the particular group?



    this sometime cause by duplicate forum id or existed forum id...my suggestion will be..

    try look into phpmyadmin > yourdatabase > wp_bp_groups_groupmeta

    and see if meta_key forum id existed...delete it only if you setup forum are fresh new..and resave the gorup admin setting to enable discussion..it will resave the forum id to the db...


    @Andrew Yep all installed. I did have the stand alone forum installed and originally used that, but it (groups) and SSO never worked.

    @Richie_KS Will try this.


    OK... So they are preexisting groups so I have to go into each one and hit the enable forums button.

    Got it thanks!