Can't get no access page to come up

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I am tying to block the account page so that only members can get to it and have it go to my no access page instead of the 404 page. I can get it to go to the 404 page just fine but I'd rather have my own message. I created a no access page and selected it in the drop down under protected page content. Also selected yes to override 404 with this page. In the edit levels section I put pages in the negative rules and selected the account page for the visitors level. I checked out this tutorial but it's not helping with the no access page. I am using the iThemes Builder which I am thinking is the issue. When I have it setup to show a 404 page it shows it even when I have override set in membership when I don't have the 404 setup on the theme it goes to the homepage. I am wanting to know if I did all I can with Membership before I head over to iThemes to see if it's the theme. It's much easier changing some settings on a plugin then digging into the themes code for me.