changing blog-type posts to direct links offsite on home page

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I really like how my home page looks as far as "latest news" goes but I want people to be able to click on Read More and be taken directly to the news page referenced in a new window. What happens now is they first go to another of my pages then they have to click again in a place that is less clear for them to get access. I want to eliminate the in-between step.

I asked about this in Live Support yesterday and was told I might be able to do that by not using Posts but just adding the content. I don't know how to add a new box on the home page that would do this. Can I? All that I've said about Latest News also applies to the Spotlight section except that the links on it aren't working and I don't know why not.

To just create content and put it on the home page, I tried creating a new page called Latest News and then making it a Spectacula widget and assigning it to 3rd column or to 1st footer only on the home page (dynamic widgets) but nothing showed up. What is the widget position on the home page that would let me put Latest News right where it is now but not make it a Post?

Thanks very much!