Continue working on the intended theme


I wonder if it is possible to continue working on the original theme I intend to use for the site while the Holder for BuddyPress is active.

If so, how?


    Philip John


    It isn't possible to activate a theme only for a particular user I'm afraid, no.

    Instead, you might want to consider either using a plugin like Maintenance Mode to keep non-admins from seeing the site or a tool like ServerPress to develop the site offline before sending it live.



    Thanks, Phil.

    I do have such plugin active, but it is not a BuddyPress specific, so I had hoped the Holder will do the job better.

    I don't need the ServerPress since I use Linux as a desktop, but I am not sure how to use it for development. Are you aware on any tool or instructions on how to use my Linux Desktop for the development phase.

    Philip John

    If you're using Linux then you'll be looking at using LAMP:

    However, if you're not happy playing around on the terminal in Linux I would recommend using something like Desktop Server if you can.



    Oh, by the way.

    If I do use local development, what would be the best procedures to upload the final version to the production server?

    Any specific recommendation?
    Any online guide you know of?

    Philip John

    I've heard good things about BackupBuddy so you might want to check that out!


    I will take a look into that plugin.




    I guess I would need to try it.


    Hi sourcev,

    I'm just starting to try out bitnami as a local testing environment for plugins etc before uploading them to my live site; may I ask whether you managed to do a WPMS install on it? Does one follow the same procedure as per on web host? Any issues?




    Hi Paul,

    Sorry but I don't have much info for you, as of yet.

    I haven't tested it yet locally.

    However if you do install it, I would love to hear from you how it went.

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