Difference between bbpress and buddypress forums

Can anyone tell me the difference between bbpress and buddy press forums? I found a theme which works with buddypress but not bbpress. Can I do the same things with either of the services? Or do I need to find a theme that works with bbpress in order to accomplish certain things unique to bbpress?



    Hey Dustin, hope you are well!

    BuddyPress uses bbPress for its own forums, the developers are the same. :-)

    bbPress as a plugin though is rather new and still finding its feet I suppose.

    bbPress should work in other themes. Here it is in our Network Theme (see screenshot)

    You might need some extra CSS in some themes to get the right style you want. :-)


    But what is the difference between bbpress and buddypress forums?



    Hi dustin,

    I suggest you may try to install them in different localhost.
    I think WPMU Dev should ad bbpress FAQ on the navigation menu because I only saw BuddyPress FAQ.
    I think its more great if WPMU Dev can update FAQ to mention the overall difference between WordPress, WordPress MU, BuddyPress and bbpress.


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