Domain Mapping Sort Order

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Hello All,

We have a WP 3.4.2 multisite installation with WPMUDEV multidomains 1.1.6 and multidomains 3.07 installed.

Some sites have 5+ main urls each with a different extension of the base url mapped to the base site. Visitors arrive at the site perfectly regardless of the domain they initially visited. (Yipee!)

However, when the user begins to navigate the site, the url in the browser always switches to the lowest alphabetized extension.

For example, one site has the following mapped domains:

When a user arrives at any one of the domains on a site and begins navigating the site, then the url in their browser ALWAYS switches to the lowest alphabetical extension. (.biz if present. If not, then .cc, etc.)

So a user arriving at the site on will get shifted to as soon as they navigate on the site.

A user arriving at the site on will get shifted to as soon as they navigate on the site.

This results in user confusion and we cannot keep the users at the .com url when they begin navigating.

I propose that the url a user arrives at should be set in a session variable and maintained during their site visit unless they manually change it.

If they leave and return from a different extension, then that would get set and they would navigate the site at the new extension for the duration of their visit or until they manually change the url in their browser.

With this tweak, then a user arriving at (or any other) could navigate the entire site and the url would stay .ws (or whatever it is) rather than the url changing to the lowest alphabetical extension as soon as they begin navigating.

Who do I have to bribe to get that tweak implemented? :)

Phil D