Feature Request: Advanced integration of MarketPress and Pro Sites

I was under the impression that Pro Sites and MarketPress got some new functionality when Pro Sites was released, it wasn't what I thought was going to happen but maybe we can get this on the roadmap since it would be a useful tool.

I want to offer two Pro Sites levels (call them Basic and Pro). The basic level gives auto-activated access to MP and the seller is forced to use PayPal Chained payments and I get a commission on each of their sales (and the monthly rate is low). However, for professional-level sellers who might have higher volumes this commisssion will eat into finely-tuned margins so I'd like to be able to offer a Pro-level account with a significantly higher monthly fee and then give them access to the additional MP payment gateways (Authorize.net, etc.) so they can avoid commissions and only pay a fixed subscription fee to take advantage of selling on my network.

I think the fix here is for MarketPress to recognize the Pro Sites levels so that when multisite owners are configuring the payment gatreway and theme permissions on the MP multisite configuration page we have more fine-grained control over what we can offer.


    Hiya Saunt Valerian,

    I believe what you're looking for is on the roadmap - just not quite ready for 'prime time' yet. And you know how we are about ETAs :)

    I'll ask the developer to comment here as well as make this a proper feature request, but know that we do have this in mind as well and want to see it available as much as you do.



    You can do that but it takes a custom work in the marketpress php ... I have somthing similar going on in mine check this thread http://premium.wpmudev.org/forums/topic/checking-if-someone-is-a-supporter

    that basically sets it so everyone can use one setting and lvl 2 only can use other settings... thsi allows me to set up a add free lvl with the commision and a premium lvl without the commision.

    Im sure an alteration to this code can do whatever it is you needed

    That line number isint accurate anymore either btw, just do a search in marketpress.php and youll find it


    Level recognition will be in the next minor version of MarketPress. Hopefully this week, we'll see.


    hey aaron just out of curiosity how hard would it be in marketpress to have diffrent levels of % taken... or dosent paypal allow that with chained payments


    Not hard. I'll see what can be done.


    any luck on doing this? if so Ill start changing my plans site to reflect it before I go live


    It is slated for the next update which i'm "trying" to get out this week before the holidays.


    good deal, for both the feature saunt requested as well as mine?

    I can delay launch for awhile if my feature is included as I really dont wanna change plan setups just after launch lol may reflect poorly on me :)

    I just wanna make sure its as smooth as possible which is why Im asking hehe sorry if im buggin ya.


    actually once I get ready to go if your willing I may have you take a look to see if you see any obvious tweaks to marketpress/prosites/everything else that would make it more sellable and Ill probably make 2 diffrent options I can use for the diffrent %'s that way if somthin happens and its not feasable I can just use the one with the more limited plan options

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    These are both great and useful ideas. I can't wait to see what you guys come up with.


    Any Updates on if this is still possible?


    Sorry it didn't make it into 2.4.x. Maybe 2.5.


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