Google Maps are blank or missing large portions of the map

Love the Google Maps plugin but when maps load, they don't load fully. Check out what I mean at this page I'm working on. It's not being advertised yet but look at the maps under each tab:



    Howdy and Welcome to WPMU forums! <---couldn't help myself, hope you don't mind - I'm from Louisiana, it's odd to see a fellow southerner here

    I checked out your page and it's quite a mystery you have going there.

    I used an inspect tool to click on the maps and they loaded the instant the application opened, so that tells me your maps are there, they are just not displaying correctly.

    The easiest thing first is to check to see if it's a theme conflict, have you tried another theme to see if this is reproducible?




    Well hello there! I'd actually consider myself more a Midwesterner but it is south-midwest so that's ok too I guess lol.

    I think it might have something to do with the tabs feature I'm using for this page. The maps seem to display fine in post on regular blog articles. I wonder if there is a tables setting that is causing the map to think it's covered up and therefore shouldn't load.


    I think it might have something to do with the tabs feature I'm using for this page.

    Have you done any troubleshooting to this end?

    I don't know which plugin you are using for your tabs, is it made to show maps or is it a generic tab display? Maybe changing the size of the display box?

    I'd actually consider myself more a Midwesterner but it is south-midwest so that's ok too I guess lol.

    I agree with you there, but I'm used to thinking in Global terms here on WPMU so, for all purposes in that perspective I just termed you Southern

    Let me know if you try something with your plugin



    Just checking in

    I'm guessing that because we haven't heard back from you that you've got your issue worked out! If you are still having problems or need any other answers on this particular topic please feel free to come back to this thread at anytime. Just be sure to mark it Not Resolved so we don't miss it!

    Thanks for using the WPMU forums!



    If I may intrude, I'm facing the same issue: gray empty areas at the right and at the bottom.
    Also map panning is impossible.

    In my case the map is in an UberMenu subitem widget.

    You can see the result here: (click or hover the last menu item "Contatti").

    Before this plugin I tried another free one that gave me the same issue, so I moved to this one, hoping to have the issue solved, but it looks is a common issue.

    So, providing that most likely this is not a plugin issue, I would really appreciate some help.

    I'm using HeadWay 3.1.2 theme (a quite tested, clean and bug free theme).
    And as already written, I'm also using UberMenu that as far as I know does work, but is probably the what cause the actual conflict.


    Greetings howdyhowdy,

    Checked out your maps today and with the exception of Ludivine map they all looked fine to me.

    It appears that you have made progress with the maps on the rest?

    Please advise.

    Cheers, Joe


    aecnu, no, the issue it only looks to be solved.

    That's because I've found out that if the map is small enough, the problem disappear.

    I've now changed it again to 300x250, where you can see the issue.
    Keeping it at 250x250 the issue disappears (or, I would say, is hidden).


    Greetings sciamannikoo,

    I have indeed pinged the lead developer to come and take a look at the reported issue for his advice/advise on a possible cure for this phenomenon though it is my opinion that it is possibly due to the dimensions not being square but this is only conjecture on my part.

    Thank you for your patience and hopefully Ve will find time to check this out soon.

    Cheers, Joe



    I just thought of another possibility that might be causing this issue (in addition to a possible CSS conflict we discussed in the other thread). Have you tried creating a regular post and inserting a map in it in the regular way (via shortcode you get from the editor)? If so, is the map still cut off?



    I've just tried.
    Here you can see a page with two shorcodes:
    [map id="7"]
    [map id="7" width=500 height=500]

    As you can see, it works.

    If you compare it with what I see in the menu, well, it looks quite different.
    To be fair, I've made few customization in the widget options:

    However, these customization shouldn't change the fact the pase is not centered, for intance and that I cannot pan without messing it.
    Also, in the widget, when I uncheck "Show posts in markers" and save, the check box gets checked again.

    Indeed, in my case, the issue seems to be related, more than to a CSS issue, to the fact that is inside a widget inside Ubermenu.

    As far as I can see, there are no CSS conflicts, bu perhaps, the fact that the map is inside some hidden div is causing this issue.
    Also because, as you've said, this issue appears also with other Google Maps plugins.

    So, to recap.

    - The panning issue might be caused by UberMenu (but in some of their samples they do use a Google Map without any issue).
    - The Widget has some issue centering the map and saving options.



    Thank you very much for this - thanks to your invaluable help, I feel we're zeroing in on the cause for the elusive "maps being cut off" issue. What you said about the issue being caused by map rendering in the hidden div are my thoughts too, and the attached update should hopefully fix this issue once for all. Can you please try to update to the attached version and see if it helps? Note, since it's a javascript fix, you may want to clear your browser cache, or do a forced reload (Ctrl+F5).


    Greetings sciamannikoo,

    Update: I have just touched base directly with the lead developer and though he had been hi jacked to many other issues not plugin related, he assured me that he will soon have time to investigate this issue and we both hope resolution to your satisfaction.

    Thank you for your patience.

    Cheers, Joe



    I'm very sorry for the delay on this. Perhaps I didn't understand the problem entirely, so let me try to illustrate what I tried and what I got as the result.

    This is how I have my "snapping" settings set (Settings > Google Maps):

    Now, I'm able to create a map and drop a marker that's stuck in the middle of nowhere: - that's way out, in the corn fields (or a mud pit near them, not sure - either way, way out there). Once inserted and published, this is how the final map looks like in a post:

    Is this not happening for you?


    Hi Ve.

    About the "snapping" settings: same here.

    Still, I'm unable to make the maps work at all: they don't snap and don't center.
    Actually the behaviour is quite inconsistent.

    These are the steps I'm taking right now to try creating a map:
    01. Edit a hidden post
    02. Click on the globe icon
    03. Create a new map
    04. I paste this very string "Rég. Amérique, 33 11010 Quart (AO) Valle d'Aosta Italia"
    05. I click on "Add" and I get a landkmark, but the address changed with something close: I don't want this, I want to show the address I've typed.
    06. I call the map "Associazione Culturale Tamtando"
    07. I switch to "Satellite" and zoom to better find the right spot (that is a bit more to the left), until I get this.
    08. The magenta sort-of-dot is where the landmark is supposed to be
    09. I replace the landmark and it doesn't snaps
    10. I move a bit the map to give a better idea of the location
    11. I save the map
    12. I get "Map not saved"
    13. I click "Insert": it did insert the shortcode of the new map
    14. Once more, I click on the globe, as I want to edit the map
    15. I click on "Preview/Edit"
    16. I try to place the landmark in the right place: it snaps
    17. I try to add a new landmark (without deleting the existing one), and then I try to place it in the right place: it snaps.
    18. without saving, I go to the page I've just edited, to see how the maps looks: the landmark is in the right place (as I didn't save the changes), but the overall map is not properly centered (as I did in the step # 10.
    19. I edit the widget that shows the map in the Ubermenu, telling to use the just created map
    20. Checking the menu, I see a "Streets only" map (not a satellite map) and the landmark is out of view (more or less is where you see the red arrow).

    - addresses are replaced with the closest place found by Google Maps
    - once the map is created, you can't modify the landmark without snapping it
    - maps are not properly centered in posts
    - maps are shown as "street maps" in widgets and the landmark is our of view

    Hope this will make clear all the issues (that weren't clear to me neither

    If you need access to the developing site, I can create a WP admin account for you.

    Thanks by now.



    Thank you for all the additional information and screenshots, it really helped troubleshooting this and identifying the issue.

    As for address search snapping - unfortunately, when you search for an address, the Google geolocation service will return the closest match it can find, if it can't find the exact match. This is usually either what you want, or really close to it (as it turned out in this particular case). Of course, you reposition the marker and edit its title to suit your needs at any point.

    This brings us to the actual bug - not being able to freely position markers on already saved maps. The attached update should have this behavior fixed - can you please try it and see if it helps? Please note that the solution is javascript-based, so you may want to clear your cache before trying it on.

    As for maps centering, the default plugin behavior is to center your maps to the last marker on the map (in this case, the only marker). The plugin does come with an add-on named "Center map on location", which you can activate and use to override the default behavior and center your map exactly where you want.

    As for the widget displaying issue, is it perhaps possible that in your widget settings you have the "Show as one map" box checked ( If so, unchecking the box should show your map exactly how you saved it. This option is mainly useful for map mashups (showing multiple maps as one map) to override the default view settings, but since you're showing just one map in your widget you don't need that box checked.


    Hello Ve.

    Thank you for the update.

    First of all: it works!
    Also the dialog saying the map was not saved seems to be disappeared.
    As for the map caption showing the wrong/closest address, I've found out that I can hide it selecting not to show the landmarks list.

    As for the widget, you are right: I had the "Show as one map" box checked.

    Thank you for your help!


    I'm very sorry Ve, but either I've forgotten to check one thing, or the new version that has been just released has a bug: map in the widget is not centered.
    Actually is slightly shifted, to the West, compared to the original map.

    For the same reason I can't see the marker, as is located outside the visible part: I must pan a bit the map to the East, in order to see it.

    You've previously mentioned the "Center map on location" plugin, but I don't need it, as the map contains only one marker.

    You can see the original map here:
    The post contains the map id 9 and it looks great.

    If you instead go to the horizontal menu and hover the mouse on "Contatti" you'll see the very same map in the widget and the related issue.



    Thank you so much for the link, I see the issue - I believe it could be happening for the same reason we had issues with the map in this position before. I suspect it's quite possible that the map get shifted around a bit on redraw, which causes it to move off-center. I'll try out a few things to see what would be the most effective way of fixing this and hopefully get back to you with a possible solution very soon.



    The attached update seems to solve the off-centered map issue in similar scenario (initially hidden map) for me. Can you please try it on and see if it solves the issue for you too? Please note, since the fix is javascript based, please remember to clear your browser cache, just in case.



    Thank you very much for getting back to us with the results - I'm very happy that the patch worked well! Just to let you know, the same patch is incorporated in the latest plugin release (v2.5.5, just released) as well.


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