How to fully remove Sales Order/Closed Order Details On MarketPress: Manage Orders

I'm trying to configure my store settings using the MarketPress plugin.
I have created test orders & gone through the process of the Paid, Shipped & Closed status.

Problem: I'd like to remove the "Close Order" order details so that the system will be fully fresh & showing 0 sales.

1. How do I remove the Closed Order order details in the Managed Orders admin settings.
Can you please explain specifically how to remove the order details so that it will start back at 0.
Also, how to remove the order details in each status (Paid, Shipped, Received, and Closed).

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    It looks like this was a request to get a feature like this way back in April of this year.

    It's really essential to have a way to delete invalid or test orders.

    Can we get this updated & have a way to delete test orders without having to go into the database like this ? And how long will it take to get done ?



    Just letting you know the developer's are discussing this and seeing what can be done. It hasn't fallen through the cracks, there's just many other items deemed 'more critical' at the moment.

    Thanks for your patience.


    I've really been thinking about this and it seems way too dangerous to include in the admin area. It only needs to be done rarely, and when that's the case I think going to the db is a better foolproof option. Simply run
    DELETE FROM wp_posts WHERE post_type = 'mp_order'
    where wp_posts is your blog's posts table.

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    It should be as simple as adding "another" drop down field that says delete.
    Other shopping cart plugins have this feature. Not sure why this one doesn't.

    Having to actually go to the database is not really optimal, whereas, the whole point of WordPress is supposed to be about the easy solution.

    A perfect example of how it should work is with plugin.
    It has the drop down options of:
    Incomplete Sale, Order Received, Accepted Payment, Job Dispatched, Closed Order, Payment Declined, Delete


    I've added this to my todo list for features.

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    Would love to see this finally added. I too dislike having to run a mysql query to remove certain orders.

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    I tried the mysql query but there were no posts of type 'mp_order'

    i had trashed the orders, and then deleted so they are not in the wordpress admin at all now - but the sales numbers when testing are still shown :(


    You using the latest version? If you deleted/trashed via the admin area then product sales counts should have been adjusted.

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    thanks for the quick reply.

    using Version: 2.8.1
    trashed, then deleted the orders but sales still showing.

    it did replace the stock when the orders were deleted :)


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