https url for includes

Hi folks,

how can i change the URL for includes from http to https ?
We want to secure the site with ssl. Everything works fine. But the insecure calls break it.

Thanks in advance,


    Hi Rainer,

    Are you referring to plugins in general, or a specific plugin or plugins provided here?

    If it helps, you can do batch search/replaces of http:// with https:// in your plugin files to accomplish that. But if there's a specific plugin you're referring to we can look at that.



    Hi Rainer,

    The Popover plugin actually seems to have only a tiny handful of hard-coded 'http://' links in it, almost all referring to external sites. The only reference I can see otherwise is on line 92 of popoverpublic.php, which references an internal referrer rule.

    If you're using that rule you can change that line to read 'https://'. And other than that, there are no hard-coded links I can see.


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