Marketpress - Different Language Files Available?

So I realize that creating different language files for Marketpress is a DIY thing, but I was wondering if by any chance different language files are available somewhere? I'm looking for French and German and am willing to purchase.

Also, is creating / uploading different language files a matter of editing the default language files in the "languages" folder, or must they be added in addition to the default files?



    Hi Rogier,

    Always a good idea to ask, and hopefully one of those translators around here will be happy to provide.

    As for the files, you'll want to make copies and rename them per your particular language like mp-{language_code}. For example, the French files would be named as follows: and mp-fr_FR.po

    Also, if you're willing to purchase translated files, you could perhaps get that request posted to the job board.



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